New retail lighting solutions (1)

Based on the latest research results Zumtobel is presenting its product portfolio with LED lighting solutions suitable for various shop scenarios at EuroShop Feb. 16 - 20 in Dusseldorf: 

The INTRO modular lighting system incorporates different types of luminaires that use the very latest LED technology, and offers retailers an efficient lighting solution that can be fully customised to cater for various areas of a store: from shop windows, shelves and recesses through to activity spaces – INTRO can be used in any area. 

liteCarve® - first vertical flood-spot made possible by new reflector technology

liteCarve© reflector technology developed by Zumtobel offers extreme design precision. This free-form reflector (patent pending) allows extremely precise, well-balanced rectangular light distribution. Mounted in front of a single LED (CoB) point light source, the reflector directs 100% of the light indirectly in a targeted manner and makes it possible to bring vertical surfaces alive: this allows uniform, efficient illumination, not only of displays, but also shelves, large posters, recesses and specific wall areas. This system spotlight has established a completely new product category – the vertical flood-spot or vertical wallwasher. The system can also be fitted with other gimbal-mounted spotlights, depending on the particular lighting task in hand. This means that merchandise in shops is superbly presented to customers – attention is focused on the areas that are to be highlighted.

Separate lighting modules and installation frames allow designers and architects plenty of creative scope: a large number of possible combinations on the ceiling underscore INTRO's great flexibility. Zumtobel offers the system in single, double and triple units, as well as in lighting channel form. All the spotlight modules can be fitted with different front ring versions that are available in white, black, matt silver, chrome and copper as required. There are virtually infinite customisation options. All RAL colour hues are possible as special versions. Intro's modular design and the possibility of integrating various different spotlights provide a lighting solution that is tailor-made for efficient LED technology, offers plenty of customisation options, and specifically caters for setting the perfect stage for brands. This enables retailers to implement brand scenarios that are consistently config- ured to address a particular target group.

Visit Zumtobel at EuroShop In the glass pavilion, right in the centre of the trade fair site.