Your light+building in a world of change

New innovations at the light+building 2014

Zumtobel stand

Technology is changing our world. It is speeding things up and making life more complex. On the other hand, technology is also simplifying many areas of life and ultimately improving the quality of the spaces in which we live, work and grow.

At light+building 2014 Zumtobel will be presenting lighting solutions that have reached an even higher degree of individual adaptation and personalisation: a new dimension of light.

LED technology is paving the way for intelligent lighting solutions. Through the right innovation and the right combination of core components, including design, electronics and controls, the new generation of luminaires have the potential to fully exploit the myriad of LED benefits. That is why the Zumtobel will showcase exclusively LED lighting solutions on the spectacular 780 square metre stand.

To develop pioneering lighting solutions, Zumtobel always starts by analysing the needs of users and the requirements of customers. However, in a world of constant change, these are also constantly evolving.

At light+building Zumtobel will show how lighting becomes a strategic success factor in the dynamic and complex in which we live. Intelligent lighting solutions help improve energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and lower operating costs. These solutions set the stage for brand experiences and art collections or create working and living environments that have a tangible impact on our well-being.

Two exclusive studies of retail and office applications form a crucial part of the new lighting solutions that will be presented. Highly innovative products like SEQUENCE and the LIGHTFIELDS range with Tunable White technology are providing solutions for the trends and user requirements demonstrated by this research findings, with adaptable, pinpoint task area lighting for the modern office workplace.

Zumtobel has also extended its product range for shop and retail applications, enabling an unprecedented level of tailored lighting at the point of sale. Modular spotlight systems such as INTRO reduce complexity whilst offering a fully customisable lighting solution for different target groups using the ground breaking insights of Zumtobel Limbic Lighting.

Within the scope of such customisable lighting, controls naturally play a key role. Zumtobel has cooperated with the best partners across different industries to develop LITECOM, a cutting-edge lighting management system which promises to revolutionise the future of building management.

Lots to experience - in the future and at light+building 2014.