Industrie 4.0 – chance or challenge?

Looking to the future in industry applications

What started as a philosophical future research project in Germany is now a hot topic of discussion in the real industry applications across the world. What does industry 4.0 mean? Will it be the fourth Industrial Revolution, as some commentators are speculating, and therefore ultimately replace all existing production processes?

This issue and the impact on the Zumtobel application and product strategy will be analysed, discussed and evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of Zumtobel and industry experts.

Real customer experience and opinion will be at the forefront of the discussions, with owners of manufacturing companies, facility managers, electrical designers, electricians and production planners invited to take part.

The workshop is being organised together with Fraunhofer IAO, the largest application-orientated research organisation in Europe. Dr Sebastian Schlund is head of the Produktion Management Competence Center and was a key figure in the original Industry 4.0 research project.

Dr Schlund will take part in the workshop and also deliver a lecture about the changes in production processes and the opportunities and challenges for industrial organisations in the future.

This lecture will take place on Tuesday 20. May in Lustenau, Austria. The talk will be in German. Complimentary tickets can be ordered from Daniela Proksch: