Emergency lighting made easy

Simple planning tools for the RESCLITE family

RESCLITE from Zumtobel has revolutionised the once complex world of emergency lighting. 

A myriad of different light distributions, connected loads and lux levels made planning difficult and sometimes unreliable – but then came RESCLITE

Optimised lighting technology, low connected load and clever design combined to take the stress out of planning and installation. 

In terms of performance, luminaire spacing of up to 26 metres with a power input of just 4.5W helps users meet the required standards with fewer luminaires and lower energy consumption. 

And now the planning tools are as just as user-friendly as the RESCLITE products themselves. As this short film shows, Zumtobel now offers an iPhone and iPad app in addition to an online planning tool on the Zumtobel website.


iPhone / iPad app: 

  • Available to download from iTunes
  • Photo galleries show RESCLITE in various applications
  • Select the right RESCLITE product with just 3 clicks
  • Adjust the mounting height using the slider function
  • The results can be sent as a PDF document


Online planning tool: 

  • Access the data sheet for the required RESCLITE product
  • Click on the ‘SPACING’ tab
  • Select the required illuminance level
  • Adjust the mounting height using the slider function
  • The results are displayed immediately