Double honours for Zumtobel

iF Design Award 2015

Zumtobel has once again been recognised for true design expertise. The LED luminaires INTRO and SEQUENCE were highlighted for their outstanding product design and efficient lighting technology as part of the coveted iF DESIGN AWARD. The awards ceremony took place on 27. February 2015 in the BMW World in Munich in front of 2,000 international guests from the fields of design, media, business and politics.

Two prizes for outstanding design expertise

SEQUENCE has been designed to deliver the best possible office lighting, with a careful blend of elegant design and user-control. The 25mm flat housing can be installed as a pendant or mounted on the ceiling to suit different room designs and blend seamlessly with any interior architecture. SEQUENCE offers an optimum mix of direct and indirect light and achieves the difficult combination of high light output with perfect glare control thanks to special advancedOptics lens technology. Each module of the lamp can be individually controlled, giving users the power to create their ideal lighting situation for a particular task, whether they are working with a PC, using a tablet or sitting in a meeting.

The second prize-winner, the INTRO lighting system, supports highly personalised shop lighting. The system compromises of modular elements with various designs and colours, along with a range of flexible spotlights using the latest LED technology. The light colours and beam characteristics can be adjusted to achieve the desired lighting scenario. Zumtobel also used INTRO to launch an evolutionary new type of luminaire technology – a spotlight for vertical-right-angled surfaces. Innovative liteCarve®reflectors deliver an accurate and balanced rectangular light distribution, ensuring the perfect light for exhibition spaces such as walls, shelves or tables.