11. Outro – The tools and its application

Tools for the Design Revolution - Online lecture in cooperation with IDRV

The last chapter of the series ,Tools for the Design Revolution' entitled Future concepts already acted on the use of the tools in design and development processes. Future - that often sounds in a distant time but as explained at the beginning in the chapter world issues, we have no time to go on as before. 

Craft tools such as the hammer, screwdriver but also household objects like a kitchen scale or a pocket calculator are sufficient to provide information on the product’s quantities of material help to decipher the secret product recipe. Some numerical values are multiplied to get an idea of the environmental impact or to enable a life cycle analysis of the product. Whether the screwdriver in the analysis is sufficient, or we have to pick up the hammer - it already says a lot about a company's culture and their efforts to provide durable, repairable, modular products or ultimately to produce stuff for the dump. These ideas are not new. But we should think about their topicality at each coffee break.

The tools should not collect dust in the basement. They help us in developing future concepts, thus we should not wait any longer. The testing and discovery of alternatives of production, marketing, use and disposal is necessary, so that the future can be made socially acceptable. To share the resulting knowledge and experience is desirable and contributes to the credibility of change.

The Institute of Design Research Vienna presents statements and experiences available in digital form and we always look forward to supplement the library of change. Using the cooperation with Zumtobel at the digital series ,tools for design revolution' we could make a very successful contribution and receive practical insights. The course will continue to be on iTunes U free of charge. We are looking forward to receiving Feedback, extensions and examples of applications.

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