The lighting solution

St Martin Tower: The shining jewel of the Frankfurt skyline

A holistic LED lighting solution from Zumtobel provides coordinated light at the workplace and helps create an inspiring atmosphere throughout the St Martin Tower. This lighting solution combines flexibility and energy efficiency with a striking elegance.

SEQUENCE track © Zumtobel

The customised SEQUENCE track in the office areas is especially impressive. Users can appreciate both the ergonomic glare-free direct light on the workplace and indirect light on the ceiling, which creates a pleasant all-round atmosphere. The lighting solution adds an attractive aesthetic element to the project thanks to a refined appearance and light with a colour temperature of 4000 K. Three or five of the slim 25-mm-flat LED modules can be installed on the suspended mounting rail, guaranteeing the high level of flexibility required for new tenants or future redevelopment.

The LUXMATE LITENET lighting management system, linked to discrete presence detectors in the mounting rail and a daylight sensor on the roof of the building, helps further optimise the energy efficiency. The amount of artificial light required is directly dependent on how much daylight is available, so that when people are present in an office, exactly the right light level is achieved for every visual task. In addition, blinds are adjusted automatically according to the position of the sun. Despite an array of automated features, employees can still individually adapt the lighting situation to reflect their personal needs. For this purpose, in line with the concept of maximum flexibility, wireless EnOcean switches can be installed anywhere in the application.

With LUXMATE LITENET and SEQUENCE track exactly the right light level for every visual taskis achieved © Zumtobel

In the darker hours, special versions of the SUPERSYSTEM multi-functional LED lighting tool add to the ambience with their unique charm. These are combined with a series of LED spotlights in the black lacquered profiles that have been fitted between the perforated aluminium fins of the ceiling structure. The brilliant lighting effect takes centre stage and the subtle lines of the SUPERSYSTEM product itself remain very much out of shot.

Other rooms in St Martin Tower are tastefully illuminated with PANOS infinity and DIAMO LED downlights, as well as DIAMO wallwashers and CARDAN LED recessed luminaires.

The lighting concept designed by architects msm meyer of schmitz-morkramer together with Zumtobel is the foundation of the whole St Martin Tower complex. Close collaboration between the likes of K. Dörflinger Gesellschaft für Elektroplanung mbH & Co. KG from Allendorf (electrical engineering) and EGT Gebäudetechnik GmbH from Triberg (building technology) enabled efficient and effective realisation of the initial plans.

Key partners:
Immo Hansa Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
msm meyer schmitz-morkramer
Lighting designer:
K. Dörflinger Gesellschaft für Elektroplanung mbH & Co. in cooperation with msm meyer schmitz-morkramer
Electrical planning:
K. Dörflinger Gesellschaft für Elektroplanung mbH & Co. KG
EGT Gebäudetechnik GmbH