One-of-a-kind museum for Street Art in Berlin

The construction of the MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART in Berlin has started on 19. May 2016 - and lightlive is all set to follow the development of this unique museum dedicated specifically to modern art forms.

The "URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art" will arise in the street Bülowstraße 7 in Berlin-Schöneberg. © URBAN NATION

Berlin is a metropolis of idiosyncratic beauty. It often takes a second glance to spot genuine works of art tucked away on facades, walls, doorways and bridges. In the same way as the famous city on the River Spree is the birthplace of countless trends from the youth scene and subculture, Berlin is also unparalleled in Germany as the spiritual home of Street Art.

"Connect. Create. Care" - the motto of URBAN NATION

The URBAN NATION initiative has hosted a platform for both emerging and established contemporary artists since the end of 2013 under the motto "Connect. Create. Care". Led by Yasha Young, who has already curated galleries in London, New York and Berlin, URBAN NATION has helped officially establish this art form in the heart of Berlin.

URBAN NATION can be found at Bülowstraße 97 in the Schöneberg district of Berlin. The centre not only offers legal wall space for temporary works of art, but also workshops, events and exhibitions that encourage participation and creative exchange between artists and residents. URBAN NATION is a catalyst that looks to harness the potential ways in which art can support social equality and integration, whilst simultaneously helping to connect the associated community around the globe. In this way, internationally renowned artists are invited to Berlin and Street Art from the German city is promoted all over the world. URBAN NATION is embedded in the non-profit foundation "Berliner Leben".

The centre not only offers legal wall space for temporary works of art, but also workshops, events and exhibitions that encourage participation and creative exchange between artists and residents. © URBAN NATION

Construction start of the world's first museum for Street Art

The ever-changing outdoor museum in Berlin is now set to benefit from a significant new addition. URBAN NATION has started construction of this unique museum for individual Street Art on Thursday 19. May 2016. The result will be the MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, as it will be officially known, at Bülowstraße 7 in Berlin-Schöneberg. The plans are based around a corner house whose facades have repeatedly served as a canvas for new artworks. The official opening is scheduled for the middle of 2017, as the extraordinary artistic concept requires extensive structural work. In addition to an exceptional collection of URBAN NATION art, it has already been confirmed that visitors will have the chance to appreciate a unique collection from the photo-journalist Martha Cooper. The museum is designed to be a place where the history and development of Street Art can truly be experienced, although exhibitions will also demonstrate how the URBAN NATION network has tirelessly championed young artists from the Urban Contemporary movement since its inception. The official presentation of the concept, together with further details about the project, has been part of the initial construction phase.

In cooperation with Zumtobel: interaction between art and light

The impact of Street Art is closely related to natural lighting conditions. These transient artworks reveal a new dimension every day and in all weather conditions. This interaction between art and light, along with the collaboration of artists from different fields, present Zumtobel with a priceless source of inspiration. This makes involvement in the URBAN NATION museum a matter that is very much close to the heart of the Austrian lighting solutions provider - which we will get to see and hear at first hand as we follow the development of the project in the coming months. Find out more about the concept behind this special Street Art museum and the cooperation with Zumtobel exclusively here on lightlive.com.

Markus Terboven, board member of Gewobag, Thomas Willemeit, Founding Partner GRAFT, Yasha Young, Director URBAN NATION, Tim Renner, secretary for culture of the city of Berlin, Hendrik Jellema, chairman of the board of "Berliner Leben". (left to right) © URBAN NATION