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SUPERSYSTEM II, Art & Culture application

Lighting solutions from Zumtobel support people in all aspects of life through the day and the night, providing "active light" that accompanies individuals 24 hours a day. "Active light" is the combination of lighting and intelligent controls that provides the right light for everyone at any time and in every application. The three levels on which light affects the human being are carefully integrated into this concept: visual, emotional and biological.

The comprehensive further development of SUPERSYSTEM II is characterised by stringent miniaturisation and efficient LED technology. © Zumtobel

"Active light" in Art & Culture applications means a subtle blend of multi-faceted and gentle illumination for a wide range of different exhibits. Visitors are invited to move through various zones, which are separated into busy open areas and quiet single rooms with the help of the lighting design, ensuring a rich and varied emotional experience.

Pioneering lighting solutions such as SUPERSYSTEM manage to fulfil these particular requirements with a comprehensive modular system. The success of the light toolkit is based on the almost limitless design freedom offered by this modular LED lighting range – and now Zumtobel has introduced the second generation of this renowned product.

Stringent miniaturisation and efficient LED technology

The comprehensive further development of SUPERSYSTEM II is characterised by stringent miniaturisation and efficient LED technology. An extensive set of components helps this lighting tool cope with even the most demanding lighting tasks. Precise lighting inserts for general illumination, accent lighting and wallwashing support the unified design concept. For example, accent lighting for many different exhibits can be achieved using a spotlight range that encompasses products with a 25mm, 45mm and 65mm diameter and corresponding luminous flux values of 350 lm, 600 lm and 1200 lm.

The advantages of excellent lighting quality, low colour tolerances and a high colour rendering index come as standard. The optimal combination of LED board, glass lens and plastic foil delivers a uniform light distribution without unnecessary light spill. The rotationally symmetrical light distribution of the Superspot variants can also be adjusted, along with those of the Wideflood and Oval versions, making SUPERSYSTEM II the ideal solution for special tasks like the flawless presentation of exhibits. In addition, SUPERSYSTEM II benefits from simple assembly and installation. Light modules can be snapped into the profile, which enables easy modification of the lighting solution when the layout or function of the space changes.

SUPERSYSTEM II was recognised earlier this year with an iF design award.

The lighting tool was presented as a highlight product in the Art & Culture application at the recent Light & Building event in Frankfurt.