Wael Shawky exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz

SUPERSYSTEM II, a lighting solution by Zumtobel

The exhibit "Wael Shawky" at Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria shows various works of the Egyptian artist, such as a film trilogy titled "Cabaret Crusades", which tells the story about the crusades from an Arab perspective, or a kind of flying object that is a metaphor for both the 9/11 attacks and Hajj pilmgrimage to Mecca. Another piece, made of four glass panels that make up a historical map of the Orient, explain the war in the Middle East.

Such art works create an extraordinary acute atmosphere on the museums floors that are intensified by applying Zumtobel’s multi-functional LED lighting tool SUPERSYSTEM II lighting solution. Visual artist Andreas Waldschütz managed to capture this feeling the museum visitor experiences and let the artist speak for himself in an enthralling six minutes that can be viewed here.