Gensler Oakland Office

Zumtobel lighting design for new Gensler office in Oakland (CA) | USA

The international well-known design firm Gensler has brought to its new office in Uptown Oakland an unique and industrial atmosphere with lighting by Zumtobel. By relocating from their East Bay office in San Ramon to a LEED-certified building closer to the San Francisco Bay, the company integrated itself into the surrounding urban landscape.

Design firm Gensler achieves an unique and industrial vibe with lighting. © Zumtobel

The new Gensler location, sitting on the top floor of a 20-story building, expresses an industrial aesthetic with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of design. Reflective of the start-up culture of Oakland, the office is inspired by the distinctive, rapidly revitalising character of its location. The largely open-concept floor plan utilises lighting by Zumtobel to segment areas and complement the influx of natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows. With its 2,200 square metre space that accommodates 120 staff, Gensler's new Oakland office is characterised by an atmosphere of creativity and flexibility throughout the office environment.

Zumtobel BASYS LED II downlights and SLOTLIGHT LED as lighting solutions

In terms of lighting design, luminaires were selected for the conference rooms with the goal of providing general lighting for the open environment, but also reflecting a clean, simple design and mountable in a TechZone ceiling system. To achieve the desired lighting environment, Gensler has chosen Zumtobel BASYS LED II downlights and SLOTLIGHT LED. With its unique appearance and vast amount of available options, the SLOTLIGHT LED product family was the conclusive choice for illuminating the meeting rooms. "After witnessing firsthand the creative process and the open mindset of the design team, I am particularly proud of this project", said Steven Cooper, Zumtobel Regional Sales Director West Coast USA. "We always enjoy working with architects who have such high standards in lighting spaces, as this aligns with our company’s constant goal to excel."

The largely open-concept floor plan utilizes lighting to segment areas and complement the influx of natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows that deliver panoramic views of the city. © Zumtobel