Zumtobel builds a bridge to nature with Active Light

Dynamic lighting solutions for active lifestyles

Active Light supports human nature by drawing inspiration from the character and dynamics of natural light. It takes the three levels of light into account (visual, emotional and biological) and adapts four specific light dimensions to suit constantly changing human needs by modifying intensity, direction, colour and time.

With the motto “Active Light”, Zumtobel presents a series of new product highlights and future-oriented lighting concepts that provide the right lighting solution for every person, day and night. © Zumtobel

Light is our invisible companion. It helps us perceive the world with our eyes and creates an appropriate atmosphere without us even realising – during the day and at night. It is responsible for the synchronisation of our sleep-wake rhythm and influences essential bio-chemical processes that take place in the body. The light of the sun shapes reality in a variety of ways and represents the original natural light source with which individuals are connected, forming a key elementary relationship. Yet the majority of people in industrialised countries now spend around 80 per cent of the day indoors, often without the beneficial effects of direct daylight. As a result, the connection to the natural timer of the internal clock is increasingly being compromised.

Active Light supports people on three levels: visual,
emotional and biological. © Zumtobel

Connecting with nature - Natural light is dynamic

Compared to mostly static artificial light solutions, the light of the sun encompasses a variety of different facets. Active Light is based on this rich diversity, distinguishing between light intensity and colour as well as light direction and timing. These four dimensions of light are adapted dynamically to suit the needs of the human being, helping each individual experience positive light effects on a visual, emotional and biological level. In addition, Active Light integrates the knowledge gained from studies and research, along with extensive practical experience in various different application areas. By adopting a holistic approach, Active Light responds to the special relationship between people and light and provides the right light at the right time – right through the day and the night.

Dynamic light works

Active Light delivers sustainable added value in every application by putting the focus firmly on specific requirements. Shaped by the individual needs, tasks and preferences, Active Light is defined by a dynamic that helps stabilise the natural biorhythm of the human being, enabling maximum visual comfort and stimulating positive emotions.

Active Light provides light in the right intensity, with the right colour and at the right time. To fulfil this promise, this approach is modelled on natural light to support the natural biorhythm, in accordance with the core principles of Human Centric Lighting. © Zumtobel

Creating light creates inspiration

The right light not only optimises visual comfort in the office. Active Light brings the dynamics of daylight to the workplace, supporting the natural biorhythm and enhancing wellbeing and satisfaction, while also helping foster a positive atmosphere in terms of communication and creativity. For example, the new MELLOW LIGHT could be included in this type of lighting solution.

Creating light creates precision

Active Light in industrial applications takes into account the visual, emotional and biological needs of both those who are busy during the day and those who work through the night. Activity-based lighting is also possible when lighting control systems are supplemented with innovative sensors such as the ATIVO contrast sensor.

The Limbic® lighting concept in retail lighting.
© Zumtobel

Creating light creates emotion

Blending Active Light with Zumtobel's Limbic® lighting approach in retail applications makes it possible to impeccably showcase brands and products for specific target groups. It creates emotional experiences that appeal to all the senses of the consumer. Highly efficient downlights like PANOS infinity harness tunableWhite technology to provide an excellent colour rendering of Ra 90 across a broad range of colour temperatures.

Creating light creates imagination

Active Light focuses on the protection of sensitive artworks in the field of art and culture, while simultaneously creating authentic and inspiring sensory experiences for the visitor. SUPERSYSTEM is the ideal lighting tool to solve the challenging and varied lighting tasks associated with museums and galleries.

With SUPERSYSTEM outdoor, Zumtobel has developed a new LED luminaire family that offers accentuating, space-defining LED lighting for outdoor spaces. © Zumtobel

Creating light creates interaction

Active Light gives public spaces, squares and streets added charisma and character, making them more attractive and improving the way people interact with the world around them. In outdoor applications, Zumtobel uses modular lighting tools such as SUPERSYSTEM outdoor to cover differentiated lighting tasks and to address the varying needs of individuals when day gives way to night.

Active Light provides the right light at the right time. To carefully imitate the dynamics of natural light, Active Light uses Zumtobel luminaires with Zumtobel tunableWhite technology, which enables seamless adjustment of the colour temperature and light intensity to reflect the subtle changes in sunlight. As well as tunableWhite luminaires, intelligent sensor technology and lighting management systems such as LITECOM can play a crucial role with Active Light. These components use stored time and calendar entries and either integrate or complement the amount of daylight available to offer the right lighting scenario at the right time – and the energy balance sheet also receives a welcome boost. Lighting solutions using innovations like the ATIVO multi-zonal sensor go one step further by aiming to put the focus even more firmly on the individual. This is achieved by proactively adjusting the lighting scenario in line with the function, location and number of people in the room.