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Zumtobel lights up Zaha Hadid's Messner Mountain Museum, Plan de Corones | IT

"With the MMM Corones atop the Plan de Corones, between Valdaora, Brunico, Val Marebbe and Val Badia - which has a unique panorama of the Dolomites - I will finish my project of museums dedicated to the mountains". Reinhold Messner

Zaha Hadid. This name, that of one of the most famous architects in the world, is enough to set in context the extraordinary work that Zumtobel had the pleasure of undertaking. It was a challenge that reached the heights of difficulty in terms of the necessary accuracy and quality of the work.

Zumtobel had the pleasure of working closely with Zaha Hadid's Hamburg studio to install the lighting in the rooms of the Plan de Corones Messner Mountain Museum, one of Reinhold Messner's buildings in the South Tyrol and Belluno regions that he wished to build and dedicate to his activities and to his mountains. The MMM Corones offers a spectacular view from its large walls of the Dolomites and the Alps, and inside, the museum presents the story of what is considered to be the main discipline of alpine mountaineering, traditional alpinism.

The building was designed by no less than the Zaha Hadid architects studio. Zumtobel became involved as a result of specific requests for light sources that were hidden or non-invasive with respect to the building, so principally integrated lighting.

Zumtobel supplied simulations from its HiLite collaborative project, but none of the standard programmes responded in a suitable way to the special amorphous structure of the museum. Therefore we supplied the best possible lighting for the structure, fulfilling the requests of the architects, which were to recreate the effect of candles hidden in the ceiling cavity.

It was a very important project for us, also due to a useful collaboration with Tridonic. In fact, the cove lighting was realised by Thomas Verginer of Tridonic. An achievement that takes your breath away and of which Zumtobel is particularly proud.

Architect: Zaha Hadid

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