A magical lighting object

VAERO new design highlight for modern office architecture

With its extremely slim and clear shape, its straight edges and almost transparency when switched off – VAERO is appealing to all generations. But originally, it was especially designed and developed to meet the taste and requirements of a new generation of people. Today's young workforce don't limit themselves by binding their creativity to fixed workspaces. Instead, it’s becoming more and more normal to work from home, a coffee shop, or in co-working spaces. Modern architecture follows this new lifestyle in which work is not separated anymore from leisure but both are just integral parts of your daily life.

Making of VAERO video

How common this way of working has become in reality was quite visible when shooting the VAERO video. Finding the right locations was no problem at all. The first scene in the coffee shop was done without any paid actors or artificial scenery – we just entered a café and there they were: young people – starting out their working day with a nice cup of coffee, a delicious breakfast and their notebooks, tablets and smart phones next to them – all busily blogging, writing e-mails and typing away.

The co-working space where the second scene was shot, belongs to our producer Andrzej’s neighbours, who run their marketing agency inside this creative and inspiring atmosphere. Young and motivated men and women work among open ceilings, cuddly dogs and cozy coffee corners.

How common this way of working has become in reality was quite visible when shooting the VAERO video.

The last scene, however was the most characteristic one – we had the chance to actually use Andrzej’s own studio as a location, which is actually also his recreation zone and private living room when he’s not working! After VAERO was mounted and installed in the middle of this open space, everyone was amazed how well this luminaire indeed fit into such an environment. So in the end we didn’t only witness an "apparently new" working attitude coming to life, we also gained one of our first customers for VAERO with Andrzej himself, who fell in love with the luminaire enlightening is home and workspace.

Great thanks to him and the film crew, as well as to our two Zumtobel sales colleagues, who volunteered as actors for the final video scene.