Unique, dynamic lighting system

Spanish Riding School, Vienna | AT

The Spanish Riding School Vienna presented its unique lighting system for the first time in a world premiere. Thanks to a special tracking system, the dynamic lights were angled in a way that ensures that the horses are always at the centre of the light, regardless of where they are in the arena.

The system was developed by the Viennese start-up company zactrack, with which the Zumtobel Group cooperates in various projects within the scope of a technology partnership. The Zumtobel Group supported the implementation of the new system and invited selected customers and some media to the world premiere at the Spanish Riding School.

Costumers as well as media got the chance to witness the fascinating effect of the dynamic lighting: The new lighting solution created for the world's oldest riding school employs small radio transmitters that are attached to the front and the back of each saddle. Ten aerials that are mounted on the hall wall receive the transmitted radio signals and hence make it possible to accurately locate each horse. The positions of the horses are then transmitted to the lighting system via a network. After that, a specially developed software automatically controls the twenty LED-Movingheads (movable spotlights) installed on the upper gallery. An essential part of this process is that the software needs to calculate the direction in which the animal will be moving in advance so that the horse does not have to walk into the dark.