Golinelli Foundation

A citadel of science and culture designed for young people

The new home of the Golinelli workshop was inaugurated last October in Bologna, adjacent to the industrial zone occupied until 2008 by the Saibem foundry. This is an area of 4,500 sq. m., both covered and uncovered, whose pre-existing structure was completely flattened and reconstructed, without adding new cement and without reducing the walls. The ambitious project, the work of various architects' studios, has been designed as a real city in which learning, knowledge and training take priority.

The founder, Marino Golinelli, has added a new house to his own foundation, created in 1988, which deals with education, training and culture in an integrated way to promote intellectual and ethical growth in the young and in society as a whole, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of our country. Golinelli is the only example of a private foundation inspired by the model of the large American philanthropic foundations.

Zumtobel realised the lighting installation. We were selected for our proposed global light solution, which included control by means of a heliometer and without internal sensors. The great challenge had been met: The lighting, technical but elegant and non-invasive, selected in order to allow space for the industrial architecture, has been successful. Our in-depth studies pointed to a choice of solutions which married in the best possible way with the philosophy of the building and its function. The Golinelli Foundation is in fact a point of reference in the field of scientific culture, with activities that range from art to natural and human sciences.  

Numerous products were used by Zumtobel for this project. The aim was to guarantee the maximum energy efficiency that was available on the market: in fact, the entire Golinelli workshop is certified as Class A in this respect. The architecture was designed to be the ideal framework for study and research: It was fundamentally important for the lighting choice to harmonise with this aspect.

LINCOR, AXON and SEQUENCE were the products installed in the offices. AXON and SEQUENCE are miniaturised, high-efficiency LED pendant luminaires for direct/indirect emission with optical and segmented lenses. SEQUENCE, in particular, is characterised by an elegant fitting in a frame of extruded aluminium with die-cast heads in matching colours. For the lecture halls and classrooms, the choice was ONDARIA LED, a decorative round luminaire with uniform backlighting from the opal diffuser, supplied in a white varnished aluminium fitting.  

The streets and the squares are illuminated by TECTON LED and IYON LED potlights, at temperatures of stabilised colour (warm/neutral). The list of deployed products also includes LINCOR LRO+Dark, SLOTLIGHT LRO+PMMA, PERLUCE, LEDOS, LINARIA and LUXMATE LITENET.

There it is, the Zumtobel jewel that regulates the lighting is LITENET, the lighting management system: We define it as "the intelligent way to reduce energy consumption". It's a flexible and durable system for lighting control. Comfort and reduced consumption are guaranteed. In perfect harmony with the philosophy of the Golinelli workshop, LITENET - via a central heliometer which constantly relays the external light situation - creates the luminosity present in every room, and if necessary, compensates this with artificial light until the prescribed level is reached.

The large Zumtobel project was literally inspired by the cornerstones on which all the philosophy of the Golinelli Foundation is based: concreteness and pragmatism, vision and planning ability. Everything was done according to the motto: "Our future is the one that's starting to happen in the next instant". By turning on the light, we, at Zumtobel, have made our contribution.