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Zumtobel’s First Capsule Collection

Zumtobel presents their first capsule collection consisting of five exclusive luminaires, which were originally developed and custom-made for special client projects and are now available to architects and light planners for creative and high-quality lighting solutions for the first time.

The limited mini-collection titled the editions – Capsule collection #01 stands for the forward-thinking and innovative mindset of the Zumtobel brand and is meant to support projects that meet special requirements and challenges. The luminaires speak for themselves with their clear design and ability to offer creative solutions and technological innovation. Each product has its unique story of creation and was developed in collaboration with well-known architects and designers that have all made history in their own way with Zumtobel.

the editions – Capsule Collection #01 include five special luminaires:

© Zumtobel

TIGNUM: For customized workspace ambience

Grazer designers Benjamin and Markus Pernthaler developed an ergonomic lighting solution for the desk. The elegant and exceptionally flexible table light permits individual and targeted working zone illumination for various visual tasks. TIGNUM is also ideally suited when working on screens and with tablets.

© Zumtobel

DIAMO: Bringing sophistication to any given surface

The compact downlight is the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor applications. Thanks to concealed fixtures, hand-made reflectors and high-quality LED technology, DIAMO is more than perfect for accent lighting, boasts excellent light quality and is a real highlight when it comes to wanting maximum design freedom in the staging of architectural features.

© Zumtobel

CAMO: An infinite resource of light

With its variety of designs and different versions, this downlight is suitable for a wide range of applications and operational areas. The CAMO product range is characterized by a clear, concise design vocabulary and creates outstanding, holistic lighting moods.

ICE CUBE: Breaking office boundaries

A freestanding luminaire that can simultaneously illuminate two workstations. The transparent cube-formed lighting head was designed to almost appear afloat, while enabling the perfect balance of direct and indirect lighting. ICE CUBE not only offers efficient lighting for the work area, but also creates a pleasant lighting mood in the room.

© Zumtobel

CIELUMA: The acoustical ceiling of light

A special textile light system with a sound-reducing effect, putting the well-being of its user in focus. The light can be flexibly adjusted in color and intensity. Thus, CIELUMA creates a unique lighting mood. The light ceiling is versatile, easy to assemble and maintain, and is also compatible with various light elements.

Each of the five special luminaires has a unique history: more information, such as interviews with product designers, technical data and sources of reference for the editions - Capsule Collection #01 can be found on the brand new website