Turning Spaces into Places

Human Scale Lighting – Outdoor lighting from Zumtobel

In the last few weeks, as the longest night of the year approaches, it has been difficult not to notice how the elaborate interplay of light and darkness fundamentally shapes our environment and influences how we interact with our surroundings. It has also become increasingly apparent that, as is so often the case, less is definitely more.

Human Scale Lighting with our SUPERSYSTEM outdoor brings the concept of "Active Light" into the urban space at night. © Andreas Waldschütz

The right light respects the context in which a public space exists and the significance of this location for both humans and nature. The right light works specifically to provide a feeling of safety and to actively support communication, interaction and the movement of people, thereby strengthening the identity and character of a particular place.

Zumtobel presented their first dedicated portfolio for outdoor applications at Light + Building 2016. These products have already spawned a series of projects that demonstrate how outdoor lighting solutions from Zumtobel also put the focus firmly on the individual. Light is used like a filter, helping it to become an integral part of the built environment. The light remains flexible, operating on several levels to finely adapt to the respective function and situation. These are minimalist lighting tools with a maximum lighting effect – tools such as SUPERSYSTEM outdoor and NIGHTSIGHT, which use one single installation in one single place to perform a variety of different tasks. These kinds of tools deliver exactly the right lighting scenario by precisely reflecting the requirements of people, the needs of the environment and the exact time of night.

It was a consistent and logical step for Zumtobel to bring its extensive expertise to the world of outdoor lighting. With the "Active Light" initiative, Zumtobel is committed to creating the right light around the clock, with a solution that is tailored to meet the particular demands of each application. Human Scale Lighting brings the concept of "Active Light" into the urban space at night. The outdoor portfolio from Zumtobel offers architects and lighting designers new possibilities for the task-specific illumination of pathways, squares, streets and facades. This is how sustainability, adaptability and individual experience can be combined to enhance the quality of our living space and improve how we perceive and experience the world around us and turn spaces in to places.