Coming soon: NIGHTSIGHT

Creating a world of lighting experiences in a night-time cityscape

For the development of the modular lighting tool, Zumtobel worked closely with the designers of Ben van Berkel at UNStudio. NIGHTSIGHT will be available from Spring 2017. In this preview video the famous architect gives an outlook on the possibilities NIGHTSIGHT offers to shape the lighting of the nocturnal cityscape. 

Modern LED outdoor lighting today takes into account all visual levels in an urban space - and not just a norm-standard level of illuminance to light up those elements of the nocturnal cityscape in focus. Rather, this is about placing emphasis on the needs of people in living spaces at night. With the "Active Light" initiative, Zumtobel is committed to creating the right light around the clock, with a solution that is tailored to meet the particular demands of each application. Human Scale Lighting brings the concept of "Active Light" into the urban space at night.

The starting point for such lighting design is always the natural nocturnal situation, the darkness from which the lighting designers design the optimal lighting solution step by step – with only as much light as is necessary. For the development of the modular lighting tool, Zumtobel working closely with the designers of Ben van Berkel at UNStudio. The aim here was to create a unique lighting environment, with the help of an adaptive lighting system, which increases social value by taking into consideration human activity and needs in the different phases of the night. With NIGHTSIGHT, the experts at UNStudio succeeded in designing a uniform modular product family with a unique look for various applications in urban lighting. Zumtobel uses two different types of luminaires:

  • perfected for illuminating façades or highlighting architectural details, the projector luminaire with its "darkBeam" look
  • the Area luminaire with a "softGlow" look, on the other hand, improves the lighting of spaces and paths above all

The comprehensive outdoor portfolio allows lighting planners and architects to plan a lighting solution in a universal manner and opens up a whole new realm of creative freedom for them. Stay tuned for our product highlights going to be launched this spring and let yourself inspire from the many design possibilities of the new LED outdoor luminaire NIGHTSIGHT.