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Etoile’s boutique store at the Outlet Village in Dubai, UAE, is home to a stunning collection of discounted designer clothes. Fashionistas come here to pick up bargain items from some of the world’s top fashion brands, with new lines of womenswear and accessories added all the time. Etoile is a youthful fashion label with a stylish range of jeans, tops and other casual wear. Launched by French designer Isabel Marant in 1999, this varied line of women’s apparel and accessories blends relaxed tailoring with bohemian details.

The store design is characterised by modern fashion and an industrial-inspired look, incorporating urban elements such as containers and lacquered concrete. The designers wanted a lighting solution that could offer high uniformity and wide flood accent lighting to complement both the interior architecture and the goods on display. The combination of slender CAELA luminaires and slim LINARIA fittings provides just the right level of homogeneous general lighting. The miniaturised SUPERSYSTEM II delivers targeted accent lighting and showcases the clothes in the best possible way. Thanks to the compact and unobtrusive lighting system, attention is focused on the merchandise rather than the solution. A mix of VIVO L and ONICO M add to the dramatic ambience.

Excellent colour rendering and special scenarios help the lighting solution further underline the feeling of quality that radiates throughout the shop. In this way, the lighting accentuates the character of the store and supports authentic brand experiences. A star-shaped lighting feature was specially created to signify the Etoile name.

Project: Etoile Outlet Village

Owner: Etoile Group

Contractor: Cube interior


Photographer: Robert-James Bova