Zumtobel at EuroShop 2017

Dynamic tailored light factors wellbeing into shopping

"Creating Light Creates Emotions" - at this year's EuroShop, Zumtobel demonstrates how the right light influences human emotions, enabling this key element to exert a significant influence on wellbeing and purchase behaviour in shops. Under this motto, the Austrian lighting provider showcases pioneering lighting solutions for the international retail sector – carefully designed to reflect the results of the Limbic® Lighting study and the Zumtobel concept of Active Light.

"Creating Light Creates Emotions" - Zumtobel at EuroShop 2017. © Zumtobel

Up to 95% of all purchase decisions are made subconsciously. These choices can be positively influenced with the help of individually adapted lighting scenarios. The Limbic® Lighting approach from Zumtobel makes it possible to address specific personality types that have been defined through the Limbic® Lighting research from the Gruppe Nymphenburg in Munich. Alongside more time spent in the store and increased customer wellbeing, the Limbic® Lighting study also revealed a sales-boosting effect: choosing the right lighting can increase sales by 10 %.

With three Limbic® Lighting application scenarios - from a showcasing  luxury fashion to setting the scene for high street fashion stores and staging of accessories - Zumtobel will use EuroShop 2017 to show how lighting concepts tailored to particular personality types ensure the optimal presentation of goods and create a world of experience:

•    Balance: Light for Harmonisers and Traditionalists
•    Stimulance: Light for Hedonists and Adventurers
•    Dominance: Light for Performers and Disciplinarians

Hedonists and Adventurers (Stimulance) love a highly contrasting solution with low horizontal general lighting levels - like the target group of the French fashion brand “The Kooples”. © Zumtobel
Harmonisers and Traditionalists (Balance) react extremely positive to uniform accent lighting with a warm-white light colour, like the famous chocolatier "La Durée". © Zumtobel
Performers and Disciplinarians (Dominance) prefer a uniform light distribution with high proportions of diffuse light, as well as evenly illuminated peripheral areas. A Zumtobel lighting solution delivers perfect light for the Dominance target group at the Audi dealership in Dubai. © Zumtobel

Moreover, human perception is geared towards recognising fast-moving objects, which means that one’s attention is instinctively drawn to where something changes. The so-called "Active Light" principle from Zumtobel supports this selective perception with continuously changing dynamic lighting scenes. Integrated into the Limbic® Lighting concept, Active Light could enhance the lighting solution and quickly alter the ambience in terms of light intensity, direction, colour and time.

Zumtobel at EuroShop 2017

In addition to the three Limbic® Lighting examples, the leading international provider of integral lighting solutions presents two further scenarios - fresh food and supermarket - and reveal how to achieve optimal illumination for goods on shelves and on display. A virtual reality demonstration features the new NIGHTSIGHT architectural product family from Zumtobel, underlining the company's expertise in outdoor lighting applications. A series of innovative Zumtobel products for the retail sector, including ONICO, IYON, INTRO and SUPERSYSTEM II, will also be displayed on the stand.

EuroShop, 5th-9th March 2017 in Düsseldorf
Zumtobel Group stand: Hall 09, Stand C56