Golden times for Zumtobel: Four iF DESIGN AWARDs in 2017

Quadruple success with three new luminaires and the Zumtobel Group annual report

Innovative creative force and outstanding product design – the compelling factors that helped Zumtobel once again impress the iF DESIGN AWARD jury and claim four prestigious design awards. Zumtobel picked up three titles in the Product Design category for the LINETIK, MELLOW LIGHT and NIGHTSIGHT luminaires. The latest annual report from the Zumtobel Group, which was developed in cooperation with the US design studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro in New York, also received the highest accolade of a GOLD award in the Communications Design section.

Zumtobel celebrates quadruple success with three new luminaires and the Zumtobel Group annual report. © Zumtobel

The coveted iF DESIGN AWARDs will be presented today at the BMW World in Munich. More than 2000 guests from the worlds of international design, media, business and politics are expected to attend. This year Zumtobel adds a further four prizes to their burgeoning collection, which now includes an impressive total of 85 iF AWARDs. The iF DESIGN AWARD recognises pioneering product development and design innovation.

The “Blue Hour” was the subject of the Zumtobel Group's artistic annual report 2015/16. The publication has now been awarded an iF GOLD AWARD 2017. © Zumtobel

The "Blue Hour" as a natural light phenomenon is the subject of the Zumtobel Group's artistic annual report 2015/16, which can now lay claim to an iF GOLD AWARD 2017. The artistic publications, produced by the Zumtobel Group for the last 25 years, have established themselves as real collectors’ items. The reports are developed in collaboration with high-profile artists, architects and designers like the New York studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, which was the visionary driving force behind the 2015/16 edition.

Studio Director Elizabeth Diller and her creative team, together with Zumtobel, chose the dramatic light of the so-called "Blue Hour" as the main subject - the short period of twilight that frames the transition from day to night. The result is an exceptional photo project in partnership with Matthew Monteith, containing 45 photographs of a living space from the same viewing angle over the period of an hour. The light changes from one image to the next to form a unique visual narrative.

LINETIK challenges the classic principles of office lighting whilst integrating perfectly into every office landscape. © Zumtobel

The LINETIK office luminaire caught the eye of the iF jury in the product design category, using a scaled-back look and minimalist form to conceal a revolutionary lighting concept. A slender luminaire housing with a cross section measuring just 24.8 x 24.8 mm helps the product appear less like a luminaire and more like a graceful object in the space. Thanks to innovative lighting technology and the extraordinary length of the luminaire body, LINETIK delivers the light exactly where it is needed by the user – directly or indirectly, precisely onto the work surface and individually and separately controllable, depending on the particular visual task.

Not only the design, but also the vision of MELLOW LIGHT is unmistakable, delivering light that is as close as possible to natural daylight. © Zumtobel

MELLOW LIGHT has helped Zumtobel walk away with another iF DESIGN AWARD. Now in its sixth generation, the ceiling luminaire features an exciting new design. Daniel Stromborg, Practice Area Leader at Gensler, has tastefully evolved the design language whilst simultaneously maintaining a connection to the rich MELLOW LIGHT heritage that stretches back 25 years.

Immediately recognisable, yet somehow sleeker and more elegant, the design still finds room for state-of-the-art lighting technology, which adapts perfectly to the constantly changing requirements of the modern office. Research has shown that most people consider the relatively low light levels stipulated by the standards to be insufficient, so the demand-orientated workplace lighting of MELLOW LIGHT is optimised to provide around 800 lx in office applications. Direct and indirect light can be adjusted separately using a sensor, while a choice of two optics ensures brilliant light quality in every room.

The modular and highly efficient NIGHTSIGHT product family has been developed specifically for the varied applications of urban lighting. © Zumtobel

As the most recent addition to the Zumtobel portfolio, the NIGHTSIGHT architectural outdoor fitting has made sure that the Austrian lighting specialists will be taking four design prizes back to Dornbirn. Zumtobel worked closely with the experts and designers around Ben van Berkel at UNStudio in Amsterdam on the development of NIGHTSIGHT. The result is a lighting tool that is equipped with a comprehensive range of optics and installation options to illuminate vertical and horizontal surfaces homogeneously, whilst also having the capability to provide specific lighting accents. 

Under the motto "Turning Spaces into Places", this modular and highly efficient product family has been developed for the varied applications of urban lighting - with the explicit aim of transforming public spaces into worlds of experience. NIGHTSIGHT creates ambience in urban spaces by carefully utilising light and shadow, light and dark areas and different planes of light. Illumination of urban streets, pathways and squares with NIGHTSIGHT involves more than just the horizontal plane, as spherical light components feature prominently to demonstrate the value of light when it comes to interpersonal communication. 

Two optics offer lighting designers maximum flexibility. The Projection luminaire with "darkBeam" optics is perfect for lighting façades and highlighting architectural details. The "softGlow" optics of the Area luminaire improve the illumination of squares and walkways. In this way, NIGHTSIGHT revolutionises the perception of the nocturnal cityscape – even though the product itself remains very much in the background.