Zumtobel at Euroshop 2017

Impressions from the Zumtobel brand booth in Düsseldorf

Zumtobel demonstrated how to enable this key element to exert a significant influence on wellbeing and purchase behaviour in shops. Under the motto “Creating Light Creates Emotions”, the lighting provider showcased pioneering lighting solutions for the international retail sector – solutions that have been carefully designed to reflect the results of the Limbic® Lighting study and the Zumtobel concept of Active Light.

Creating Light Creates Emotions

Real shopping experiences that we remember with pleasure for years to come are in sharp contrast to the anonymous, digital world of today. Light provides a harmonious connection between the architecture, the product and the individual. It creates emotions that have a positive effect on the intention to purchase and fixes the retail experience in the memory of the consumer.

"Limbic® Lighting" from Zumtobel enables a target group-orientated approach for different personality types using messages and images that are generated by individually tailored light scenarios. As it is vital for the human survival instinct to quickly and unconsciously notice moving objects, our eyes are spontaneously directed to anything that changes. The idea behind Active Light from Zumtobel is based on the findings of the Limbic® Lighting laboratory analysis and field study, subtly and dynamically supporting the selective perception of human beings.

For further information, read our professional article about our Active Light concept in our presentation and retail application.