LEGENDARY film studio

Burbank, California | USA

When Legendary Entertainment renovated a twelfth-floor office space in Burbank, California, the company aimed to develop a unique environment incorporating its distinctive corporate feel. As a leading presence in media and television, with blockbusters such as 300, Godzilla and Jurassic World to its name, Legendary required a space that reflected both its strong brand and the entertainment industry that it represents.

Architects from Felderman Keatinge + Associates, along with lighting designer Archit Jain from Oculus Light Studio, were the creative minds behind this unique office renovation. A series of curved forms, which also feature heavily in other Legendary offices, was carried over to the twelfth-floor space in Burbank – all be it in a slightly different way. Instead of the archetypal Legendary logo entrance, the new Burbank office delivers a unique feel, greeting associates with an innovative curving wall threshold. In line with the round downlights that help shape the standard Legendary office aesthetic, the interior architecture and the lighting complement one another with a number of recurring circular shapes throughout the project.

To achieve the desired lighting effect, DIAMO and ONDARIA luminaires from Zumtobel were chosen for their performance and design qualities. Compact DIAMO wallwashers are integrated into the coves at the entrance to the office, gently washing the curved walls with light while the products themselves remain out of sight. In a similar way, DIAMO is used as a discreet fitting that delivers 1200 lumens of high-quality light throughout the offices and public areas.

In the café and open kitchen, where the ceiling design shifts from an exposed structure to a gypsum-board finish, ONDARIA from Zumtobel was deliberately selected to unify the space. ONDARIA is installed as a surface-mounted and pendant luminaire, with the customised colours of grey and the varying shades of green helping to create a fresh vibe. With its wide, homogeneous light distribution, ONDARIA provides ample light and simultaneously serves as a decorative element, creating interesting focal points with its vibrant finishes.

Location: Burbank CA
Architect: Felderman Keatinge + Associates
Lighting designer: Archit Jain, Oculus Light Studio
Products: ONDARIA (customised colours), DIAMO