The CIELUMA acoustic light ceiling

The perfect tone for paintings in Switzerland's oldest collector’s museum

Visitors to the Oskar Reinhart Museum in Winterthur near Zurich can now experience for themselves the close relationship between art and technology. The acoustically optimised CIELUMA ceiling luminaire from Zumtobel has been specifically chosen for the oldest collector’s museum in Switzerland, making sure that the paintings of the Jakob Briner Foundation are shown in just the right light. At the same time, the wellbeing of visitors is a key factor throughout the exhibition.

The square textile light modules of the CIELUMA ceiling luminaire provide a pleasant diffuse lighting mood. © Zumtobel

The Dutch Masters of the Jakob Briner Foundation have found a new home in the Museum Oskar Reinhart in Winterthur. Architect Christoph Flury from Flury + Furrer Architekten and the lighting designer Michael J. Heusi from MICHAELJOSEFHEUSI GmbH opted for a special acoustic light ceiling solution from Zumtobel to showcase the collection of paintings in the best possible way. CIELUMA is a special textile light system with a sound-reducing feature and a pleasant diffuse light distribution. A special characteristic of CIELUMA is the unique depth effect, which is achieved through the clever combination of two SEFAR fabrics. “Both of these together create a fascinating diffuse lighting mood,” explains Christoph Flury.

CIELUMA is a shining example in two senses: The ceiling luminaire offers pleasant and uniform general lighting with 3800 K, while simultaneously absorbing sound and thereby reducing ambient noise. This is due largely to the particular material properties of the specialist technical architectural fabric, which CIELUMA combines with premium LED technology to form an ideal artistic blend. A twin-layer “air cushion” in the double membrane leads to a clear reduction in direct sound, reflections and echoes. The overall lighting design fuses the general illumination delivered by various sizes of the quadratic textile luminaire module with the precise accent light of ARCOS LED. These spotlights are mounted on a continuous track to produce the perfect tones for the acclaimed artworks.

ARCOS LED spotlights are mounted on a continuous track to highlight the individual works of art. © Zumtobel

The ARCOS spotlights provide accent illumination of the exhibits, high colour rendering (Ra > 90) and excellent light quality, while the UV-free and IR-free light helps protects the sensitive pieces. The inclusion of tunableWhite technology means that the colour temperature can be individually tailored to suit the colours and materials of the particular objects. The LITECOM lighting management system from Zumtobel makes it possible to control, maintain or reconfigure the entire lighting solution – easily, cost-effectively and intuitively via an app on mobile devices. In addition, seamless dimming of all fittings ensures that the solution is HDTV-compatible.

CIELUMA is one of the first five luminaires from the editions - capsule collection #01, a special range of creative solutions defined by a clear design language. These exclusive luminaires have all been carefully developed in collaboration with well-known architects and designers - and have already written their own chapter in the design history of Zumtobel.

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