the editions – the new extended collection from Zumtobel

Zumtobel presents creative lighting solutions with a touch of TECHxtra

The latest mini-collection from Zumtobel brings together creative solutions with real technological innovation. Four existing high-quality products have been technologically enhanced to create the editions – extended collection. Available from June 2017, these fittings incorporate a bit of ‘TECHxtra’, demonstrating the courage to blaze a new trail through the design landscape.

The four luminaires featured in the editions – extended collection are:

TECTON Balanced White. © Zumtobel

TECTON Balanced White: Environmental well-being where you least expect it
The highly versatile TECTON lighting system is a true highlight of the Zumtobel portfolio, providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task. TECTON is now available for the first time with Balanced White technology. This means that the colour temperature can be modified to reflect the specific demands of an application, helping to significantly improve both the quality of perception and the well-being of users.

CRAFT Balanced White. © Zumtobel

CRAFT Balanced White: A powerhouse goes wellness
This powerful, compact and efficient high-bay fitting uses Balanced White technology to simulate the natural course of daylight through a finely tuned adjustable colour temperature range. This enables the lighting to be precisely tailored to suit the changing use of the area.

CRAFT RAW. © Zumtobel

CRAFT RAW: The powerhouse stripped down
A high-bay favourite reduced to its essentials. Outstanding efficiency has helped this luminaire tackle any industrial application - and now the latest challenge is one of design. CRAFT RAW is simple, silver and unpolished, making it the ideal option for design-oriented projects with high ceilings and an industrial look, including furniture stores and exhibition halls.

COESA. © Zumtobel

COESA: Quality lighting for quality control
COESA is the first quality-control luminaire from Zumtobel. Sharper than the human eye, this product utilises optimal area lighting to find any faults and irregularities in surfaces where the quality is of the highest importance. Error detection is further optimised by colour temperature contrast and precise pattern lines, which can be specified in three different configurations.

About the editions
the editions is a half-yearly collection of custom-made luminaires that have been created for specific projects. Epitomising the pioneering spirit and innovative strength of the Zumtobel brand, this exclusive compact portfolio is designed for projects with special requirements and new challenges. The core concept takes inspiration from the fashion scene, where haute couture is carefully evolved into an accessible range of select “ready-to-wear” garments. the editions - where haute couture meets the world of light ...

Zumtobel first launched an exclusive mini-collection in December 2016, under the title the editions – Capsule Collection #01. The five special luminaires blend aesthetics with innovative design and have been developed in collaboration with renowned architects and designers. The Capsule Collection enables these solutions to be exclusively showcased alongside the standard portfolio.

Further information
Each special luminaire from the two mini-collections has its own unique development history. Comprehensive information can be found on the editions website, including interviews with project members, technical data and references: