Transition between the dead and the living outside in the daylight

Catacombs museum, Paris | France

As most visitors of Paris don't know, the French capital has a secret subterranean underworld. Lovers of medieval history and hidden treasures know these vast networks of subterranean tunnels under the name "Catacombs of Paris". Now, the new Catacombs museum, a project initiated in 2015 with the famous French architect Philippe Yoonseux, has been inaugurated. Zumtobel & Thorn supported indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for this historical Museum.

The City of Light harbors a city of darkness, a vast network of subterranean tunnels that once gave refuge to bandits, smugglers, and saints, cradles the bones of some 6 million Parisians. Today, this eerie maze is a haunt for living spirits, from youths looking for adventure to urban explorers carving out a new frontier.

In the deepest sphere, some 100 feet under, lie the catacombs, holding ancient bones from overstocked cemeteries.  185 miles of tunnels and underground passageways honeycomb the underbelly of the city, most old quarries for the Lutecian limestone, once used to build the French capital. Others house electricity and telephone cables.  Part of the catacombs are open to the public, but dropping into the rest of the city of darkness is illegal and can be hazardous.

Zumtobel & Thorn supported this historical Museum with indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. This project was initiated in 2015 with French architect Philippe Yoonseux who has been collaborating with Zumtobel for 6 years now. At first, Zumtobel was asked to work on the indoor part of this new access to the Catacombs involving products such as SLOTLIGHT infinity, ONDARIA, PERLUCE. Then our sister brand THORN Lighting took advantage of the outdoor portfolio to propose a lighting solution for the roof illumination with SATIN linear flood lighting. This new entrance is supposed to facilitate the transition between the realm of the dead of the underground and the realm of the living, outside in the day light.

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Zumtobel & Thorn supported this historical Museum with indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. © Zumtobel