Zumtobel illuminates the unique Urban Art museum in Berlin

Urban Nation Museum, Berlin | DE

Architecture, art and light play an important role in the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART in Berlin. The impressive new venue has been shaped by the internationally renowned GRAFT architecture studio, which pooled their innovative and creative resources to transform a former residential and commercial building from the Gründerzeit period in the Berlin district of Schöneberg. With this careful balance between architecture, art and light in mind, a differentiated lighting solution from Zumtobel has been realised throughout the museum.

A defined route connects all the exhibition areas, helping visitors see and experience the fascinating works from various distances. SUPERSYSTEM II provides the ideal lighting conditions for the full range of exhibits. © Zumtobel

Exhibition rooms, a courtyard and an innovative interchangeable façade create the URBAN NATION MUSEUM, an all-embracing centre for Urban Contemporary Art and a creative setting for artists, offering space for exhibitions, workshops, debates, cross-media work and archiving.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of the overall concept, it demands a client-oriented lighting solution. Zumtobel immediately impressed by meeting the needs of the architects from GRAFT and simultaneously tailoring its offer to fulfil the specific requirements of the museum.

Zumtobel used the lighting concept for the rooms to place a focus on the uniform illumination of the walls and the option to set effective lighting accents. © Zumtobel
An old building in the Berlin district of Schöneberg has been transformed into an impressive museum. © Zumtobel

The exhibition rooms feature SUPERSYSTEM II mounted horizontally at the side of the route. Standard versions of the Maxi spotlight (with DALI control) are combined with a trimless profile, delivering exactly the kind of additional flexible lighting solution that was requested by both the architect and the owner.

Zumtobel used the lighting solution for the multi-storey rooms to place a strong focus on the uniform illumination of the walls in the exhibition spaces, while at the same time including the option to set effective lighting accents. This is achieved with the help of the INTRO ceiling luminaire family. Extensive adjustment options mean that INTRO can be adapted to suit the different forms of architecture and thereby provide high-quality, tailored and efficient light throughout the rooms.

The rooms stretch upwards over two storeys, leading to unexpectedly generous levels of spatial perception and offering a vast range of possibilities in terms of artistic expression. © Zumtobel

In addition to the actual exhibition, visitors have the chance to appreciate numerous art installations even before they step inside, as the courtyard of the URBAN NATION Museum doubles as an event venue and presentation space for contemporary sculptures. The harmonious solution from Zumtobel subtly raises the quality of time spent in this space – as well as offering flexible lighting for the changing compositions. SUPERSYSTEM outdoor Accent with three swivel-mounted LED tubes create the perfect lighting conditions in the courtyard.

The concept behind the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART intrigues and excites with its fusion of diverse art forms and truly unique architecture. © Zumtobel

URBAN NATION is an initiative from the "Berliner Leben" foundation (Berlin life), which was founded in 2013 by the Gewobag housing association. The museum has gained increasing prominence by providing a stage for Urban Art that shines on an international scale, acting as a mouthpiece for Urban Contemporary Art and simultaneously making this art form accessible to visitors and residents.