Special lighting solution for light art "Tornado"

Shopping centre Sun Plaza, Bucharest | Romania

"Tornado", an impressive piece of art by Peter Kogler, forms the centre of the rebuilt shopping centre Sun Plaza in Bucharest. The 18-metre-high installation extends across two floors and looks like a luminous cyclone. For this special piece, Zumtobel developed a customized lighting solution together with the artist.

Zumtobel light art Tornado
The light art "Tornado" forms the centre of the rebuilt shopping center Sun Plaza in Bucharest. © Mircea Ciuca
Zumtobel light art Tornado
"Tornado" @ Studio Peter Kogler

After the modification of Sun Plaza by S-Immo AG, the shopping centre in Bucharest was reopened with the artwork of Peter Kogler. For the entrance hall of the shopping mall the multimedia artist created "Tornado", a light installation 18 meters long and weighing a mere 800 kilograms. It consists of a 1300 meter long LED light tube with DMX control, a special lighting solution from Zumtobel.

The luminous sculpture appears to be a funnel around an axis, whereby the lines of light move vertically in the room, thus drawing the visitor’s attention to the height. Mirrored surfaces on the ceiling and on the floor create the illusion of an endless light tunnel.

"My idea was to create a vertical connection inside the building with a light object," Peter Kogler explained. In his artworks, the subject of the spiral emerges again and again. Thus "Tornado" fits perfectly into the visual vocabulary of the multimedia artist. "It was clear to me that I wanted to work together with Zumtobel for this light installation. Zumtobel has the qualification and the knowledge for it," Peter Kogler said.

So far, the light art "Tornado" is Zumtobel's largest single lighting solution.

Zumtobel light art Tornado
"Tornado" consists of a 1300 meter long LED light tube, a special lighting solution from Zumtobel. © Studio Peter Kogler