SUPERSYSTEM outdoor illuminates the heart of Sarajevo

Susan Sontag Square, Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the most important squares in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Susan Sontag, the square in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo. It is the central location of the Sarajevo Film Festival, which means that this square is one of the biggest open cultural scenes in the entire country. And that’s why it was time for a renovation. Zumtobel provided the new illumination of the Susan Sontag Square with SUPERSYSTEM outdoor.

The Susan Sontag square in Sarajevo got a new look this year. The staircase at the main entrance of the National Theatre was paved, new benches were placed, green areas were landscaped and new lighting was commissioned. The result not only makes the visitors of the National Theatre happy, but also the local community of Sarajevo and its citizens. Especially the lighting solution from Zumtobel with SUPERSYSTEM outdoor plays a big role here and gives the Susan Sontag square a modern look.

Zumtobel outdoor lighting
SUPERSYSTEM outdoor at Susan Sontag. © Zumtobel

The task was to make an accent illumination of the square and to provide a discreet sense of lighting. As a modular luminaire family, SUPERSYSTEM outdoor fulfils many different outdoor lighting tasks – always precise because every tube is equipped with the respective appropriate optics.

Multiple light tubes create a uniquely refined luminaire. As a result, the outdoor lighting gains in visual quality, design competence and precision. The luminaire itself deliberately stays in the background. SUPERSYSTEM outdoor includes both vertical as well as horizontal areas in the lighting concept. Thus the spatial structure can also be experienced at night. With SUPERSYSTEM outdoor, the Susan Sontag square was turned into a special place and is an example for upcoming urban development projects in Sarajevo.

The outdoor portfolio from Zumtobel offers architects and lighting designers new possibilities for the task-specific illumination of pathways, squares, streets and facades. This is how sustainability, adaptability and individual experience can be combined to enhance the quality of our living space and improve how we perceive and experience the world around us and turn spaces in to places.

Zumtobel outdoor lighting
Zumtobel's SUPERSYSTEM outdoor illuminates the Susan Sontag Square in Sarajevo. © Zumtobel