TRINOS – Industrial lighting redefined

Zumtobel Highlights | Autumn 2017

The TRINOS industrial LED luminaire supports precise and high-quality work in locations that demand higher protection against moisture and dust. Because TRINOS combines for the first time the flexibility and functionality of a trunking system with the durability of an IP65 solution.

aA series of factors have to be taken into account when developing lighting concepts for industrial buildings. Along with issues such as energy efficiency and employee well-being, various industry-specific standards and necessary levels of protection often represent major challenges. The concept of Industry 4.0 is also leading to new production processes and therefore constant change when it comes to different usage scenarios and visual requirements.

This means that industrial buildings now need flexible and individually adaptable lighting concepts with durable luminaires that also meet the myriad of application-specific norms, standards and guidelines. With the TRINOS continuous-row LED lighting system, Zumtobel is launching the first ever IP65 trunking system that combines the flexibility of a trunking solution with the high resistance of an IP65 lighting solution.

TRINOS industrial lighting
TRINOS can be easily fixed. © Zumtobel
TRINOS industrial lighting
TRINOS is protected from contamination and moisture. © Zumtobel

TRINOS breaks new ground by offering an effective trunking solution for industrial areas where the operational environment calls for a high degree of protection such as cold stores and textile, paper and wood processing plants, as well as in covered outdoor areas. A three-piece sealing concept ensures that the optically appealing solution delivers the highest levels of resistance, safety and performance at all times.

The proven split-lens technology from the TECTON C portfolio is also used in the TRINOS luminaires, which are protected from contamination and moisture from below, from above and at both ends. The TRINOS trunking incorporates outstanding corrosion protection and weather resistance to provide a stable base.

Up to 50 metres of the IP65 continuous-row system can be mounted in one piece. The trunking profiles, batten luminaires and lighting modules are all manufactured in metric dimensions, while the wiring, sealing profile and sealing cover can also be installed continuously for light lines with a maximum length of 50 metres. The three components - sealing profile, wiring and cover - are supplied on rolls and can be easily fixed in place using an innovative installation tool.

TRINOS industrial lighting