Zumtobel triumphs in lighting design competitions


Clear and aesthetically sophisticated design that blends seamlessly into the architecture of different spatial concepts: Luminaires from Zumtobel continue to set new standards for design quality. The Austrian lighting specialist has now won three design awards of the GOOD DESIGN Award 2017 and a pair of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018.

VAERO Zumtobel iF Design Award
ONDARIA Zumtobel iF Design Award

Zumtobel has been honoured three times with the world's eldest design award. The MELLOW LIGHT, SUPERSYSTEM II and ONICO luminaires have all received the GOOD DESIGN Award 2017, an international prize for designers and manufacturers launched to recognise ideas that push the established boundaries of product design. The esteemed competition has now been highlighting pioneering products and concepts for more than 65 years.

Almost as long as the world-renowned iF DESIGN AWARD, which was founded in 1953. The famous red iF logo, which is seen as proof of forward-looking creative thinking and outstanding innovation, will this year be featuring alongside two more Zumtobel luminaires: VAERO and ONDARIA.

MELLOW LIGHT Zumtobel Good Design Award
SUPERSYSTEM II Zumtobel Good Design Award
ONICO Zumtobel Good Design Award

Cooperation with leading architects, designers and artists is part of the Zumtobel DNA. A long-standing commitment to exchanging knowledge and ideas with important institutions and promoting young talent in prestigious institutions like Central Saint Martins College in London has regularly played a key role in the development of new product concepts.

This has paved the way for pioneering lighting solutions that bring together the core aspects of design, technology and sustainability. Zumtobel luminaires are optimised to meet the specific needs of people in particular applications and utilise a clear and aesthetically sophisticated design language to focus on one essential element: the effect of light – a unique fusion that continues to help Zumtobel win numerous international design awards since 1963.

  • MELLOW LIGHT: Currently in its sixth generation, the MELLOW LIGHT recessed and surface-mounted luminaire creates light that is as close as possible to natural daylight.

  • SUPERSYSTEM II: Delicate design, stringent miniaturisation and maximum flexibility: With a sophisticated range of innovative components, the multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM II portfolio offers all the LED lighting tools required to creatively fulfil a variety of different lighting tasks.

  • ONICO: ONICO from Zumtobel opens up new possibilities for the visual presentation of a huge variety of products in shop and retail applications. The key goals of authenticity, individualisation and precise accentuation of the goods on show all had a major influence on the design of this innovative lighting solution.

  • VAERO: The state-of-the-art design of the VAERO LED pendant luminaire has been reduced to the core essentials.

  • ONDARIA: The smooth and homogeneous look of the round ONDARIA luminaire is complemented by soft wide-area light, achieving perfect harmony between optical design and lit effect.
ONICO Zumtobel VIU Store

As a modular system, the luminaire family ONICO incorporates an extraordinary range of different LED light sources and reflectors to present products and brands with added brilliance – and thereby promote added sales success. © Zumtobel

MELLOW LIGHT Zumtobel office

Not only the design, but also the vision of MELLOW LIGHT is unmistakable, delivering light that is as close as possible to natural daylight.


The miniature spotlights of SUPERSYSTEM II are ideal for pinpoint accent lighting, thanks to rotationally symmetrical Superspot and Wide Flood light distributions or a precisely defined oval beam. At the same time, the wallwasher variant guarantees pleasant and uniform illumination of vertical surfaces. © Zumtobel