Zumtobel toolbox for lighting designers

Four new lighting solutions for maximum design creativity

Light can vary its function and concept to support relaxation or promote concentration. It directs attention, creating and shaping atmospheres in the process. With an incredible number of high-quality, modular and multifunctional lighting tools, Zumtobel offers architects and lighting planners maximum flexibility when it comes to planning and design. This sophisticated portfolio is now set to be supplemented by four new lighting solutions.

Zumtobel PANOS infinity for lighting designers and architects
  • PANOS infinity –as a slim surface-mounted and pendant luminaire

The new PANOS surface-mounted and pendant downlight luminaires further increase the potential for tailor-made lighting solutions. Crafted using premium die-cast aluminium, these versions come with a choice of reflector surfaces and beam angles for functional and architectural applications. Six exciting colour options – white, black, silver, copper, grey and brass – ensure plenty of creative freedom for individual architectural integration and design-oriented lighting concepts.

Zumtobel OPTOS for lighting designers and architects
  • OPTOS – the versatile architectural downlight

With a deeply recessed light source in combination with a dedicated lens optic, OPTOS delivers discreet and aesthetically high-quality architectural lighting – without the hindrance of glare. OPTOS lets any architect or lighting designer use their creativity in different applications. The refreshing architectural freedom offered by this flexible downlight family is supported by different diameters, lumen packages and beam angles.

Zumtobel DIAMO gimbal for lighting designers and architects
  • DIAMO gimbal – brilliant accent lighting that directs the gaze of the customer

Powerful and pinpoint accent lighting with optimum brilliance, different designs and a great variety of colours – the DIAMO gimbal has utilised unique lighting technology to help it become a true highlight in the world of miniaturised recessed luminaires. Now a new gimbal version with 180° rotatable and 2 x 20° tiltable spots makes sure that the lighting heads can be set to any position. The reflector surface is even offered in a black, white, copper or brass finish to add yet more character to architectural lighting design.

Zumtobel LINELIGHT for lighting designers and architects
  • LINELIGHT – rethinking linear design

The exceptional and adaptable design of the LINELIGHT linear LED luminaire integrates perfectly into different architectures and representative spaces. Thanks to flexible connections and various lengths, LINELIGHT can follow numerous architectural shapes and curves. Depending on the particular situation, the colour temperature and thereby the lighting mood can be fine-tuned with Balanced White technology to markedly improve the quality of perception and the wellbeing of the user.