Exquisite shop lighting for Montblanc masterpieces

Montblanc Präg store, Dornbirn | AT

The Montblanc brand has been synonymous with master craftsmanship and the very highest quality for more than a century. These esteemed values also embody the Präg jewellery firm, who have just opened a new Montblanc store in the Austrian town of Dornbirn. Zumtobel teamed up with the architectural studio Atelier Ender to design and develop a customised lighting solution as part of a comprehensive retail concept, helping to showcase the premium Montblanc products in exactly the right light.

The new Montblanc Store in Dornbirn, Austria. © Zumtobel
Special shelf lighting and accent lighting at Montblanc store in Dornbirn, Austria. © Zumtobel

A brass-coloured ring floats majestically in the middle of the new Montblanc store in Dornbirn, simultaneously creating an eye-catching focal point and an impressive piece of furniture around which visitors can linger and pass the time of day. The floor and ceiling provide the ideal stage for this ring, which seems to be beautifully presented in some kind of elegant deep-blue jewellery box. The concept for the store, drawn up by Austrian architects Atelier Ender, deliberately blurs the traditional boundaries between display and sale. With no sales desk in the classic sense, the Montblanc store is designed to invite rather than sell.

Zumtobel devised a discreet shop lighting solution that enhances the extraordinary interior look and delivers exactly the kind of subtle light required in the shop window and presentation areas. High colour rendering, minimalist design language and a choice of flexible lighting systems convinced Atelier Ender to work with Zumtobel on this exclusive project.

Alongside the general lighting, the INTRO lighting system covers all the requirements in terms of precise accent illumination. This modular solution was specifically developed to present every shop in the most effective way by covering a diverse range of lighting tasks. Excellent adaptability means that INTRO can be adjusted to suit various architectural forms, providing efficient and tailored installations for different kinds of retailers.

Zumtobel used SUPERSYSTEM II to illuminate the shop windows of the Montblanc store. With its delicate and restrained design, SUPERSYSTEM II can always be called upon to create specific accents and varied lighting effects. The luminaire itself remains tastefully in the background, letting the attractive light take centre st age.

Precise accent lighting at the Montblance Store in Dornbirn, Austria.
© Zumtobel
Versatile lighting solutions at the Montblance Store in Dornbirn, Austria.
© Zumtobel

About Präg Jewellers
Präg has an eye on both the past and future. This family business from the Vorarlberg region of Austria can look back on more than 110 years of fine workmanship, while at the same time remaining committed to pursuing exciting new ventures. Master watchmaker Emil Präg laid the foundations of the company by opening a small workshop in the town of Dornbirn in 1903. Today, siblings Uschi Dunzinger-Präg and Rudi Präg are the fourth generation to manage this family-owned enterprise, offering a fine array of jewellery, watches and optics. Visitors to Präg will also now find a range of high-quality Montblanc products, including writing instruments, leather goods, jewellery and accessories.

About the Montblanc brand

The Montblanc name has been synonymous with writing culture and master craftsmanship for more than 100 years. First produced in 1924, the classic Montblanc Meisterstück (masterpiece) fountain pen has become a real cult item – not only for its timeless design, but also thanks to a distinctive blend of defining values that make Montblanc products something truly special: tradition, outstanding workmanship and an unrivalled appreciation of the finer things in life.