How green is your product?

Zumtobel Environmental Product Declaration is the first of its kind

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Ecoos Technoalpin

How would you measure the impact of your product on the environment? How would you make sure this information is really tangible and accurate? How would you start to try and communicate this data? 

The increased demand for better environmental information – both in terms of quantity and quality – is quite clear, but finding a way to accurately gather and document this data for a wide portfolio of products represents a significant challenge.

The requirement to put products under the microscope has been driven by a number of issues such as the rise of Green Building projects. Examples include LEED, BREEAM and DGNB standards, which all aim to measure, document and ultimately reduce the environment impact of a project. 

Achievement of these standards can increase the green credentials of a project and may give clients access to initiatives that promote sustainability through financial incentives. This can also lead to positive coverage media coverage and may ultimately raise the value of the real estate.

Architects and other clients favour products if they see them on trusted databases for Green Building solutions, such as the DGNB Navigator, TheFutureBuild and Sundahus, but these directories rely heavily on credible and transparent data.

In line with a long-standing commitment to create the best light for people and the environment, Zumtobel has set out to develop a standard way of assessing and documenting the environmental impact of our luminaire portfolio. 

An intensive two year process involving internal and external partners has culminated in the launch of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), making Zumtobel the first lighting manufacturer to introduce an environmental declaration according to international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

This detailed document brings together and quantifies vital information about the product lifecycle, material composition and carbon footprint, helping clients understand at a glance the key environmental drivers for a specific luminaire.

EPDs can be downloaded from the Products section of the Zumtobel website.