Audi showroom in India welcomes latest LED technology

Bengaluru, India

The second Audi showroom in Bengaluru, designed by Zarir Mullan Architects, opened its doors on St. Marks Road in January 2015. With a fantastic new showroom concept, Audi India has bid farewell to metal halide lamps and welcomed the latest LED technology. The showroom offers space for 8 vehicles across more than 500 square meters. CARDAN LED sets the cars and brand in the best possible light, generating both attention and appeal. The diffuse light offers clear lines that suit the reflective bodies of the cars. The excellent colour rendering enhances the natural appearance of the high-quality finishes and materials. The lighting in the lounge area fosters positive feelings and helps make waiting times feel shorter. The good lighting quality of MICROS LED enables reading and creates a pleasant atmosphere for open communication. These factors reinforce positive emotions and can help sales talks get off to a good start.

The reception area often acts as a business card for the company. This is where potential customers are welcomed to the showroom, so appropriate lighting can obviously play a pivotal role. In addition, service personnel need functional task lighting to work effectively. DIAMO caters for all of these needs. The unique lighting technology makes it a highlight in the world of miniaturized recessed downlights. The specially designed reflectors provide precise beam patterns without any stray light and ensure perfect glare control. Combined with high-performance LED modules, high-intensity pinpoint accent lighting with excellent lighting quality and maximum brilliance is produced. The highly-efficient AERO II cannot fail to impress with its extremely flat design. The luminaire is installed in the management offices to provide optimum lighting for the task areas.