Light for the city of the future

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen

The Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB) in Shenzhen is an exciting platform for discussions about the contribution of light and shadow in urban spaces. It’s the world's only biennial for urban development and architecture.

Excerpt from the Zumtobel Group annual report 2005/06: Light installation by Sigrun Appelt in the Museumsquartier Vienna @ Sigrun Appelt

Under the motto  „Re-Living the City“, new and innovative approaches that will improve not only the quality of urban life but also its efficiency will be presented from 4 December 2015. This year's UABB will be curated by Aaron Betsky, Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner and Doreen Heng Liu, internationally leading architects, researchers and critics in this sphere.

The potential of light from varying perspectives will be discussed in an exclusive panel discussion on the topic of “Defining Space with Light” with Siegrun Appelt, Hubert Klumpner, Aaron Betsky, Alfredo Brillembourg and Zhang Ke. The interfaces between various different disciplines provide an exciting scope for new ideas.

Technology and how perception is changed by it
At the UABB, Thorn will, among other things, present a lighting installation created in collaboration with Austrian artist Siegrun Appelt. Mounted on columns, floodlights by Thorn are part of an artwork that experiments with the human perception of space and light by changing constellations of light and shadow. A computer-controlled random pattern is the basis for an interplay of lighting inserts that flare up and fade again in a precisely designed choreography. Thus, the light creates ever-changing and alternating perspectives of perception and can be experienced as a medium that structures and changes reality. The artwork's title “5.3449019547362e+133” refers to the number of possible combinations of differing lighting sequences.

Inside the exhibition area, luminaires by Zumtobel are used. Due to its efficiency and performance, the CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire has already proven its worth in a number of industrial projects, and is going to create the right lighting ambience for exhibits and visitors at the UABB site.

Floor plan of the Zumtobel Group booth at the 2015 UABB.

About Siegrun Appelt
Siegrun Appelt is an artist who initiated the Slow light project in 2010, which aims at dealing with light and darkness in an energy-efficient and aesthetically sustainable manner. Time and again, light has been an element of her exhibition projects, e.g. in 2005 in her work “288 kW” at the Kunsthaus Bregenz; in 2005/06, “68.719.476.736”, a lighting installation at the Vienna Museum Quarter MUMOK; in 2008, “64 kW” for Updating Germany in the German Pavilion at the 11th Architectural Biennale in Venice; in 2010, “Reale Formulierungen”, ISEA / Duisburg; in 2015, Graz-Reininghaus lighting project, Joanneum Graz / KIÖR. Siegrun Appelt was also responsible for the design of Zumtobel Group AG's Annual Report in the financial year 2005/06.