LITECOM infinity – Activity Based Lighting

LITECOM infinity lighting management together with ATIVO sensor - the key to activity-based lighting

The right light 24 hours a day. "Active light" intelligently and proactively offers exactly the right light for every activity, supporting people in the best possible way on a visual, emotional and biological level. The core of this kind of lighting solution is an appropriate lighting management system: LITECOM infinity.

The app-based concept, provides the user maximum flexibility and application-specific functionality. © Zumtobel

LITECOM infinity is a modular system that can be individually extended thanks to the app-based concept, providing the user with maximum flexibility and application-specific functionality. The "Activity-Based Lighting" extension prioritises excellent lighting comfort for the different activities that are carried out in office workplaces. With the help of the "Ativo" multi-zone sensor both the room situation and the activity of the user (e.g. a presentation, a meeting or computer work) can be detected. Intelligent control strategies automatically provide a tailored lighting scenario, without the user having to manually intervene.

"LITECOM infinity helps us for the first time realise dynamic lighting effects in applications including office, shop and retail and industry. Especially in office applications, "Activity-Based Lighting" is the key to achieving the right light at the right time, reflecting not only the amount of daylight available but also what is actually happening in the room," emphasises Martin Hartmann, Product Manager Controls & Systems.

LITECOM demonstrates its capacity at Light + Building across the whole Zumtobel Group stand. The Ativo sensor is mainly used in the Industry cube and in combination with LITECOM infinity in the Office area. The full range of possibilities offered by LITECOM infinity can be experienced in the designated lighting management presentation from the Zumtobel brand, where a range of IP connected luminaires linked by “net4more Techonology” from Tridonic represents a particularly special highlight.