Zumtobel lights up the world’s largest standalone Audi Service Centre

Dubai, UAE

Setting new standards in customer service and vehicle care, the three-level workshop occupies an 11,000-square-metre plot with a total built-up area of 31,000 square metres. The expansive facility includes a large workshop, a modern lounge, 400 parking spaces and a covered mezzanine. 

The Audi Service Centre puts the focus firmly on delivering an optimal experience – for everyone involved. Customers should immediately feel at ease and workers benefit from the best facilities to guarantee the high levels of service synonymous with the Audi brand. Clearly the lighting solution also had to reflect this approach. With TECTON LED, Audi chose a solution that copes effortlessly with a broad range of lighting requirements. 

Split-lens technology directs the light accurately and efficiently onto the extensive workshop floor, which has room for 170 cars. The TECTON luminaires combine reduced lighting pressure in the middle section with outstanding glare management. This is achieved without compromising the light distribution curve, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the sizable team of technicians and automotive experts. All 68 state-of-the-art Audi workstations are equipped with the shelf beam optic, which delivers a symmetrical light distribution to ensure excellent visibility for employees. The wide beam optic provides uniform illumination for general spaces like aisles and technical zones. 

The reception area of the Audi Service Centre is illuminated with DIAMO, a high-intensity downlight that enables pinpoint accent lighting. The precise light distribution is achieved by the use of high-power LED modules with carefully designed reflectors. With perfect glare control and no spill light, DIAMO puts customers at ease as they speak to the Audi service team. PANOS infinity generates a positive ambience and makes waiting times feel even shorter in the welcoming lounge and waiting area. The modern LIGHT FIELDS evolution luminaire was chosen to ensure perfect glare-free lighting conditions in the administrative offices.

Sustainability aspects

Sustainability is an approach that uses responsible design and construction to deliver a wide range of environmental and economic benefits. This concept naturally played an important role throughout the planning of the Audi Service Centre, with premium LED luminaires selected to blend good lighting quality with long service life and reduced operating costs, thanks to lower maintenance and efficient energy usage.

In addition, a water recycling system has been integrated into the car wash process to further enhance the environmental credentials of the project. The two fully automatic car wash stations will recycle and re-use more than 50 per cent of the water required to clean every vehicle, which represents an annual saving of up to 3.5 million litres. Solar photovoltaic panels have also been mounted on the roof to help produce 0.8 megawatts of renewable electricity each year.

CPEng. Thomas Faerber, General Manager Projects & Logistics at Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC said: “Lighting scenarios bring out the character of a company. They make it possible to truly experience a particular brand, which is very important for the Audi name. A visit to the Audi Service Centre should be a pleasant experience. Every aspect needs to be perfect - from the first point of contact to collecting the vehicle after the service. The lighting definitely has a major influence on how our customers feel when they come to see us. The waiting areas should be bright and welcoming, while the workshop lighting needs to support the employees with their work. Zumtobel was able to offer us a comprehensive package of lighting solutions for the entire project.”

Project name: Audi Service Centre

Architect: NEB and Al Nabooda

Contractor: Al Sahel Construction Company

Electrical consultant: