NIGHTSIGHT helps Zumtobel shed new light on outdoor applications

Zumtobel Highlights | Spring 2017

Our lifestyle and needs, along with the way we interact with the nocturnal environment, have changed immensely in recent years. The development of NIGHTSIGHT reflects how the evenings and night-time hours have now become an integral part of everyday life. The result is a comprehensive portfolio that enables Zumtobel to offer maximum design freedom for consistent lighting solutions of every shape and every size in every kind of outdoor area.

To make sure architects and lighting planners can enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of planning and design, NIGHTSIGHT comes in four different formats with 2x2, 4x4, 2x8 or 4x8 LED optics - all of which feature the distinctive honeycomb structure. © Zumtobel

The NIGHTSIGHT concept blends the latest lighting technology and high-quality materials with the principle of “Human Scale Lighting”, creating lighting solutions based inexorably around the needs of people. Alongside Ben van Berkel and the designers from UNStudio in Amsterdam, Zumtobel has created a modular product family of LED lighting tools that uses one single design to solve a vast array of complex and differentiated outdoor lighting tasks.

Cities are subject to constant change, in much the same way as the movement and behaviour of their inhabitants. The potential of lighting solutions in outdoor applications now goes far beyond safety and orientation – today the social aspect of light can be carefully harnessed to create places where people gather and truly interact. The starting point for this kind of approach is always the natural night scene, the darkness from which the lighting designers shape an optimal lighting solution – layer by layer and with just as much light as is really necessary.

NIGHTSIGHT is therefore able to craft light spaces that present nocturnal living and working areas in a multi-layered fashion. The correct balance between artificial light, natural light and darkness provides people with optimum light that is adapted to suit particular activities during different phases of the night – from a visual, emotional and biological perspective.

The NIGHTSIGHT product family includes all the lighting tools required for the uniform illumination of vertical and horizontal surfaces and the setting of targeted accents. © Zumtobel

One product family, one design, countless possibilities

In order to offer architects and lighting planners maximum flexibility in terms of planning and design, the NIGHTSIGHT range features four individual formats with 2x2, 4x4, 2x8 or 4x8 LED optics, alongside a selection of different light distributions, colour temperatures and installation options. The actual product is undeniably minimalistic, helping to put the focus firmly on the light itself. Zumtobel has devised two luminaire types to enable both the uniform illumination of vertical and horizontal surfaces and the setting of targeted accents: a spotlight range with “darkBeam” optics and an Area Light with "softGlow" comfort optics.

Through the targeted use of light and shadow, illuminated areas and dark zones, as well as contrasting light levels, NIGHTSIGHT succeeds in enhancing the three-dimensional perception of the space, emphasising architectural details, creating recognition features and modelling spaces. As a result, people can appreciate new levels of visual comfort and wellbeing and enhanced quality of life in nocturnal outdoor spaces. The combination of specific lighting design and innovative technology, which minimises light pollution caused by stray light, simultaneously reduces the consumption of energy resources and the effect of artificial light on plants and animals.

NIGHTSIGHT was recently honoured with the 2017 iFDesign Award and Red Dot Design Award.