Zumtobel illuminates Oslo Airport

Airport Terminal 2, Oslo | NO

Oslo Airport looks back at a long history of more than 100 years, with operations starting as early as 1912. Today, it is Norway's biggest and most important airport. About 25-million passengers pass through each year, and more than 13,000 people work there. Oslo airport's recently constructed new Terminal 2 is considered a prime example of modern airport architecture. The customised lighting solution for the contemporary new building was supplied by Zumtobel and Zumtobel Group’s other brands Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel Group Services.

Zumtobel lighting solution for Oslo Airport
With around 25-million passengers a year, Oslo Airport is an internationally important air traffic hub. © Espen Solli

In order to emphasize the design of the new building areas, particularly high-performing and visually appealing lighting solutions with modern LED technology were needed. With such criteria in mind, the airport operator Avinor chose to invest in lighting technology supplied by the Zumtobel Group. Zumtobel and the sister brands Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel Group Services installed a total of 21,200 LED luminaires at the airport, along with a smart emergency lighting and a lighting control system.

Zumtobel lighting solution for Oslo Airport
A total of 21,200 luminaires connect visually the existing part of the airport to the recently constructed Terminal 2 in an attractive way. © Dag Spant

With the exception of the emergency lighting system, almost all of the lighting solutions used were customised products that met the airport's specific requirements. The luminaires are especially developed for this project in order to be visually identical to the conventional lights in the other building parts. This creates a uniform appearance that connects all airport parts to each other.

The lighting is actually a part of the building's architecture and terminal design, thanks to the strikingly large-scale luminaires. Two extremely XL- customised Zumtobel luminaire types were installed inside the terminal  and at the entrance of the railway station: OILDRUM and UFO. Numerous Zumtobel luminaires were also installed throughout the building, such as 300 TECTON continuous row LED luminaires, while Thorn GTLED-RS luminaires light up the roads outside the airport and the underground driveways.

Zumtobel lighting solution for Oslo Airport
A customised Zumtobel luminaire called UFO was installed in the area that leads to the railway station. © Knut Ramstad
Zumtobel lighting solution for Oslo Airport
The large-scale, conspicuous lighting solution in the new terminal make the lighting part of the architecture. © Ivan Brodey

Another important element of the lighting solution is the smart lighting management concept designed by the Zumtobel Group Services experts. The lighting management system controls the lighting in the new terminal, not only as energy-efficiently as possible but also automatically adjusts it to reflect the light colour of the respective daylight situation.

Zumtobel lighting solution for Oslo Airport
© Dag Spant