the editions #02 from Zumtobel

The latest version of the special portfolio "the editions"

Crafting light moods, triggering emotions, shaping aesthetics and bringing a space to life through the duality of light and shadow – these are the design visions of the team responsible for latest version of the editions. Martin Jost and Roman Delugan from Büro Delugan Meissl, architects Adolf Krischanitz and Hermann Czech and lighting designer Thomas Mika from reflexion have joined forces to help shape a fascinating new special portfolio from Zumtobel.

Alongside a fine mix of technical finesse and functionality, the new luminaires from the editions collection once again catch the eye with their outstanding aesthetics: extravagant, attractive and, as always with this unique series, individual and timeless. Three new fittings are now available as part of the editions #02 collection.

While TEELA is as versatile as a human, an ability to give spaces a special aura makes this luminaire seem almost superhuman. © Zumtobel

TEELA – Gives a room an aura
The multi-faceted TEELA luminaire is mainly designed to create a changeable atmosphere in rooms and to suit the sensibilities of individual users. A symbiosis of precise shape and functionality, combined with the character of the surface, are what give TEELA its atmospheric character. A light that can provide a variety of tones when it becomes part of a room.

Giving rooms a sense of scale – that is exactly what ALVA can do. This fitting can discreetly fade into the background or present itself as a distinctive object to match the particular situation. © Zumtobel

ALVA – Discreet but en vogue
ALVA gives rooms a certain sense of proportion. What matters is not so much the shape of the luminaire, but the light it creates in the room. That is why the choice of design is the most elementary and at the same time simplest form, basically nothing new: the globe. It may have a familiar shape, but it offers an exceptional range of lighting effects. The globe can illuminate an entire space, in addition, an integrated downlight and uplight can be switched separately.

FREELINE is reserved, extremely modest and inconspicuous – yet it still somehow manages to make a real visual statement. Infinite light with limits. © Zumtobel

FREELINE – The limited infinite light
Endless spaces and the need for a visual and technical connecting element. This is how FREELINE came about. The light shimmers with a captivating brilliance, but also holds a certain modesty with its low glare. It also has a graphic power that can stretch for kilometres if necessary thanks to its thin, 'corporeal' form. It hints at infinity, despite our understanding that everything must end – including lighting systems with this kind of finesse.

About the editions
the editions are an annual collection of tailor-made luminaires created as part of a special project driven by special customer requirements. Each product has its own unique development history and is therefore only offered as part of a limited edition. The exclusive mini-collection epitomises the innovative power and pioneering spirit of the Zumtobel brand and is designed for projects with uncommon requirements and new challenges. The core concept of the editions takes inspiration from the fashion scene, where chic haute couture is carefully evolved into an accessible range of select “ready-to-wear” garments.