"A new generation of moisture-proof luminaires"

Alexandru Zloteanu, Product Manager for AMPHIBIA | Zumtobel

AMPHIBIA covers an incredible 245 industrial applications. Zumtobel is breaking new ground in its product range with a new generation of moisture-proof luminaires. Alexandru Zloteanu, Head of Category Industry Moisture Proof, Cleanroom and Hazardous and a team of experienced engineers have worked on the development of AMPHIBIA for two years. In this interview, he explains his motivation and the special features of the new luminaire.

Alexandru Zloteanu, Product Manager for AMPHIBIA at Zumtobel
Alexandru Zloteanu has worked in the Global Product Management Industry at Zumtobel for three years. © Zumtobel

What does light mean to you?
Light is my life. Not only light, but everything that lies behind it. For industrial luminaires, for example, we need to surround the light with a resistant casing. Developing the right combination of light and casing is the greatest challenge.

What is the story behind AMPHIBIA?
Moisture-proof luminaires have a long history at Zumtobel. The first product, IFP, appeared in the 1980s and was subsequently followed by FZ, then CHIARO and SCUBA. Zumtobel therefore has considerable expertise in this area. Nonetheless, we discovered gaps in the existing product range. Until now, we were unable to cover all of our customers' applications with our moisture-proof luminaires. AMPHIBIA has now closed these gaps with its high chemical resistance, hygienic design and adaptable light.

AMPHIBIA from Zumtobel
AMPHIBIA. © Zumtobel

What makes AMPHIBIA unique?
Until now, moisture-proof luminaires were always made from two or three different materials. AMPHIBIA consists of just one material, whereby the customer can choose from three different designs: PC, PMMA and CHEMO. This means that the luminaire has a high chemical resistance to the cleaning agents used in the food industry. We had this tested with one of the largest cleaning manufacturers in the world. For AMPHIBIA, we also developed a special design without clips in order to optimise the cleanability of the luminaire. We also improved the adaptability of the light by adding four light distributors. AMPHIBIA also satisfies the requirements of the new standard for the lighting of public car parks. The standard focusses on the safety of pedestrians in car parks to make them more visible to drivers. AMPHIBIA has the advantage of illuminating the entire space by means of indirect light distribution. This means that not only does it satisfy the standard, it also creates a friendly and safe atmosphere in car parks.

What was the greatest challenge in the development of AMPHIBIA?
There were many challenges. For example, we had to perform several tests to find the right combination for our particularly resistant materials in order to offer the highest chemical, mechanical and temperature resistance for special applications in the industry.  The fact that everything went so well is down to a sensational project team. At no point did we ever consider giving up. Now, when I hold the finished luminaire in my hand, I feel extremely proud. AMPHIBIA represents a new generation in the product range that doesn't come about very often. I'm proud to have been a part of it.

What was your motivation for driving forward the development of AMPHIBIA?
I have been working on the development of AMPHIBIA since my very first day in the product management team at Zumtobel. My motivation was for AMPHIBIA to solve our customers' problems. In the early development stage, therefore, we didn't write a long list of requirements; instead we went to our customers – electricians, lighting designers, architects. They told us about the problems they experienced during the planning of projects and helped us during every phase of the development process. This is how we drew up the specifications for AMPHIBIA. Today, I can proudly say that AMPHIBIA solves all of the problems we discussed with our customers.

About Alexandru Zloteanu, Head of Category Industry Moisture Proof, Cleanroom and Hazardous
Alexandru Zloteanu has worked in the Global Product Management Industry at Zumtobel for three years.  In addition to drawing up the specifications for new products and overseeing product development, he is also responsible for developing the strategy for moisture-proof and cleanroom luminaires and liaises directly with customers. "My job is extremely varied, which I love", says Alexandru.