"Light provides safety"

Gregor Mayr, Product Manager for RESCLITE PRO | Zumtobel

With new optics and a digital NFC interface, RESCLITE PRO from Zumtobel is setting new standards in emergency escape lighting. For two years, Product Manager Gregor Mayr and his team have been developing the new generation of safety luminaires. In this interview, Gregor Mayr describes the challenges they faced and his day-to-day motivation.

Gregor Mayr, Product Manager for RESCLITE PRO at Zumtobel
Gregor Mayr has been Product Manager at Zumtobel since 2011. © Zumtobel

What does light mean to you?
Light is the essence of life. Without light, people become disorientated. In a dark room, our sense of touch can indeed help, but our most important sense is our sense of sight. And this requires light. Light also has an emotional aspect; it provides a feeling of safety. This is where RESCLITE PRO comes in, satisfying people’s need for safety. RESCLITE PRO leaves no-one in the dark in the event of an emergency.

RESCLITE PRO from Zumtobel
RESCLITE PRO. © Zumtobel

What is the story behind RESCLITE PRO?
To us, it was important to further develop the successful luminaire from Zumtobel by introducing a new generation. We not only improved the design for RESCLITE PRO, but also upgraded the optics and increased the number of versions. It can now also be programmed wirelessly via NFC. Thanks to the different colour versions and the mini spots specially developed for the architects, the luminaire can be perfectly integrated into the architecture.

What makes RESCLITE PRO unique?

It's definitely its design: RESCLITE PRO is small, inconspicuous and can be combined with luminaires from Zumtobel. We are therefore not only offering emergency and emergency escape lighting, but both the systems and the lighting. This has been welcomed by our customers. With the new escape 90° optics and the flexible illumination of escape routes with the escape wall lens, RESCLITE PRO is setting new standards in emergency escape lighting. It uses the innovative PROset technology, which enables the flexible and individual configuration of the luminaire using a smartphone via an NFC interface.

What was the greatest challenge during the development process?
The greatest challenge was that we developed not only the luminaire but also the entire ecosystem surrounding it. We introduced new optics, used batteries with the longest possible battery life and, together with Tridonic, developed a new control gear including NFC interface. In the end, all individual projects came together to form a single system. That was very exciting.

What was your motivation for driving forward the development of the luminaire?
It was the joy of seeing something through from the initial idea to the finished product. It's great to see that the quality, design and programming of the luminaire have all been improved from the customer's perspective. We worked on the development of RESCLITE PRO for just under two and a half years. Now, I'm finally holding the finished luminaire in my hand. It's a great feeling.

About Product Manager Gregor Mayr
Gregor Mayr has been Product Manager at Zumtobel since 2011. He is responsible for Zumtobel and Thorn safety luminaires as well as emergency lighting systems from ZGS. "My job at Zumtobel is extremely varied, which is great. I'm involved in all areas of product development, from technology to networking, right through to marketing", explains Gregor Mayr. "I also work in close collaboration with Sales and our customers. They are involved in every new product development right from the start."