All about light at one congress

Licht 2018 in Davos | CH

From 9/09 to 12/09 2018 all lighting experts are invited to meet at the Licht 2018 congress in the middle of the beautiful Suisse alps in Davos. Zumtobel presents innovative products and gives an insight into the research and networking activities of the lighting company.

Licht 2018 in Davos © 2017 Schweizer Licht Gesellschaft

This year’s Licht 2018 congress discusses the topic “creative lighting solutions – the concrete application of new technologies in everyday life.” More than 100 selected lectures give an insight into the topics indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, light & architecture as well as research & development. Due to the great variety of subjects provided, the congress addresses for the first time besides lighting experts and lighting designer also architects.

At the very own Zumtobel booth together with the affiliated brand Thorn, the latest luminaires will be presented and exiting VR adventures can be made. Furthermore, the Zumtobel Group shows real application examples of the affiliated brand ZGS (Zumtobel Group Services) aimed at connecting buildings and cities.

The Zumtobel lighting experts enrich the congress with lectures to the following topics:

Monday, 10/09/2018, 12.00 – 12.05
Referent: Carina Buchholz, Brand Lighting Application Manager
Lighting study at the National Museum of San Matteo (Pisa) for the improvement of quality of the visual perception of artworks.

In which light does art appear the best way? Carina Buchholz presents the study with results of an psychophysical experiment at two exhibition halls of the National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa (Italy).

Monday, 10/09/2018, 12.05 – 12.10
Referent: Carina Buchholz, Brand Lighting Application Manager
Bioadaptive lighting - Positive effects of a bioadaptive lighting solution at the workplace on the well-being of employees.

Light influences the circadian synchronisation and hence emotions and perception. By presenting the underlying findings of the neuroscience study at the workplace, Carina Buchholz presents the benefits of Human Centric Lighting.

Monday, 10/09/2018, 14.30 – 14.50
Referent: Peter Dehoff, Director Professional Associations and Standards
News of the WG 2: revision of the EN 12464-1.

At the moment the WG 2 reworks the EN 12464-1, the norm for workplace lighting. The newly edited draft of the norm will not be completed up to the Licht 2018 congress, but Peter Dehoff will grant some insights on the current progress of the revision.

Monday, 10/09/2018, 14.50 – 15.10
Referent: Gudrun Schach, Brand Manager Zumtobel DACH
Dynamic light on the test bed – Is our society ready for biologically effective light?

After a short technical introduction on the topic Human Centric Light, Gudrun Schach analyses the current situation of changes in colour and intensity of office lighting solutions with already realised projects.

Monday, 10/09/2018, 17.25 – 17.30
Referent: Peter Dehoff, Director Professional Associations and Standards
Quality of light – Experiences and applications

The latest publication of LiTG: light quality – a process not an indicator, was released in autumn 2017.

Finally, Daniel Cathomen, Senior Manager Zumtzobel Group DACH & BEE as representative of the FVB - trade association for lighting industry, talks about the new quality label. In addition, Roland Gruele, professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, presents together with Zumtobel a VR perception study for outdoor.