New office lighting for young and creative marketing agency

Branded d.o.o, Sarajevo BIH

The brand new office of the marketing agency Branded in Sarajevo appears colourful and welcoming. After the refurbishment of the old building, Zumtobel got the chance to illuminate the office with a harmonious and fresh lighting solution. The aim of the project was to connect the workspace with the rest of the agency and create an open space for creativity to flourish.

The harmonious illuminated meeting room at the BRANDED office in Sarajevo. © Šećerlama
The open office appears in a colourful and welcoming atmosphere. © Šećerlama

An update of the lighting solution was long overdue in the old office building. The lighting couldn’t fulfil anymore the clients’ demands. For the young team of the marketing agency it was essential to create a relaxing and inspiring working atmosphere to nurture their creative process. This is why Amra Džambić, the owner of Branded  together with the architects Maja Kovačević – Salkić and Azra Ajanović, wanted to establish an open office space.

“Our marketing agency Branded was founded recently in Sarajevo with the motto ‘Seal of creativity’, and the team in the agency is living this motto to its fullest in its daily work – design, digital marketing, event management and brainstorming on creative ideas. During the design period of our interior, we thought a lot about having a relaxing, but yet professional working space, with a dash of extraordinary.  Because we believe that an inspiring environment is part of our creative process. Colours are part of our daily work and give us the inspiration. Our clients often visit us here, because they feel comfortable and relaxed. Integrated lighting brings that special esthetic touch to our space, in addition to functional and great lighting for our tasks. “

Branded lighting solution for “BRANDED”
Together with Branded, we designed a lighting solution suitable for any atmosphere they wish to create. The agency is partly separated through glass partitions while the lighting moves and directs through the entire space. The agency is emerging with young people, which is something we wanted to reflect in the lighting solution. We wanted to provide something creative, experimental and young but still ensure that the divided workspaces get the flexibility of having different light levels for different tasks.

The open office space with a harmonious and fresh lighting solution. © Šećerlama
The LINCOR pendant luminaire with a perfect light distribution. © Šećerlama

Our pendant LINCOR  seemed like a natural choice. LINCOR appears in a minimalistic but modern design. It brings an interesting element to the room without being too loud or disturbing the architecture. It just naturally becomes part of the space. LINCOR has an integrated dimming technology which gives the flexibility to change the  atmosphere of the room at the push of a button. Thanks to the delicate design and the prismatic lighting technology, the light distribution of the luminaire reduces shadows and reflections in the task areas.

It was important to BRANDED to work with a lighting designer they have confidence and trust in so a long-terms relationship could form from working together. And besides that, they were looking for an individual lighting solution that would fit with their own creative concept. Thanks to the close collaboration with the architects, we could realise a fit and proper lighting solution. The new office BRANDED office now is a place of imagination, new ideas and concentration and the lighting design tells the story.

‘Seal of creativity’ the motto of the marketing agency in Sarajevo. © Šećerlama

The LINCOR pendant luminaire illuminating the meeting table. © Šećerlama

The creative and colourful hallway of the office. © Šećerlama