Happy holidays

Season's greetings from the world of light

For 2018, Sagmeister & Walsh invites you to forget about big resolutions, and just enjoy your holidays. Zumtobel Group wishes all the warmest and brightest greetings of the season.

© Zumtobel Group / Sagmeister & Walsh

This year’s Christmas card has been designed by the renowned New York based design studio Sagmeister & Walsh who provided the creative stimulus for the Zumtobel Group artistic annual report. This edition’s uniquely designed colourful typographic spreads on the theme of light and darkness add playfulness, colour and humour to the financial data. A set of typographic prints can be enjoyed independently from the book.

With this inspiring Christmas card we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Lightlive will be back in 2019 with fascinating projects and lots of insights into the world of light, design and architecture.

© Zumtobel Group / Sagmeister & Walsh