SUPERSYSTEM integral collection

Interview with Peter Kovacs, Product Manager for the new luminaire

With SUPERSYSTEM integral, the latest addition to the SUPERYSTEM family, Zumtobel and EOOS have brilliantly fused excellent lighting technology with an elegant and restrained design to create the perfect toolbox for architects and lighting designers. Peter Kovacs tells us just what makes SUPERSYSTEM integral so special.

Different requirements used to mean different products. But not any more. As the name suggests, the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection integrates all these options into one pure design concept. © Zumtobel
Different requirements used to mean different products. But not any more. As the name suggests, the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection integrates all these options into one pure design concept. © Zumtobel

What is the story behind SUPERSYSTEM integral?

"The SUPERSYSTEM success story started ten years ago. Together with Herbert Resch, we developed the first LED lighting tool to feature a modern, minimalist design language – and clearly proved that this concept works. SUPERSYSTEM integral is the latest highlight in this product dynasty: an elegant, linear lighting system that blends perfectly with modern architecture and offers unprecedented flexibility."

What makes SUPERSYSTEM integral unique?

"SUPERSYSTEM integral combines the complete lighting knowledge of Zumtobel: quality in terms of light and materials, clear aesthetics and miniaturisation, as well as flexibility and compatibility. The lighting system reinvents the role of light in architecture and architectural lighting – in terms of accentuation and vertical, horizontal and indirect illumination.

A major new aspect is the introduction of synchronously swivelling points of light – as a recessed luminaire or as part of a track-mounted version in a linear format. This unique solution, a simple and yet brilliant idea from EOOS, gave us a good feeling even just thinking about it. In this way, SUPERSYSTEM integral brings together the core advantages of a spotlight with the visual restraint of simpler and more discreet fittings.

But that is not all. The flexible lighting system is also suitable for 3-phase tracks. This makes SUPERSYSTEM integral a slim, purist alternative to conventional lighting systems. One that can be installed within minutes – and without tools."

A definite design highlight is the seamless linear 3-phase channel that can be recessed into the ceiling, surface mounted or suspended. © Zumtobel
Yet sometimes solutions are made to be seen – solutions like the elegant 3-phase track version for surface or suspended mounting. Consistent miniaturisation and high-quality materials like die-cast aluminium and injection-moulded plastics blend to create a refined architectural appearance that can grace both new and retrofit projects. © Zumtobel

What was the motivation to continue the development of the SUPERSYSTEM family?

"Our ultimate goal with the SUPERSYSTEM family is to create a complete toolbox that fulfils every lighting task in applications such as multifunctional reception and circulation zones, sales areas, art and culture projects and even residential homes – and all that with a solution that catches the eye in terms of uniform design and outstanding flexibility. SUPERSYSTEM integral is an effective lighting tool that architects and lighting designers can really use to solve challenging lighting tasks and integrate perfectly into modern architecture. The whole product development process was characterised by great cooperation between our development department at the Lemgo factory and the EOOS design team. In fact, we are already working on further additions to the portfolio."

What does light mean to you?

"For me, no matter where I am, light is a key factor when it comes to defining well-being. The best light is restrained – light that is neither noticeable nor dazzling. It should just be there, creating an appropriate atmosphere for the particular situation. The issue of staging is just as important. Light enables us to bring objects to life – everything from historical exhibits to a majestic entrance hall.

Peter Kovacs, Product Manager for SUPERSYSTEM integral collection. © Zumtobel

About Product Manager Peter Kovacs

Peter Kovacs has been in the lighting industry for 23 years. He has worked as Product Manager at the Zumtobel Group in various roles and locations since 2004. "As a Product Manager, I really enjoy the range of different tasks. I am responsible for the strategy behind my products, I work closely with our development department on future innovations and I liaise with the sales teams. I am involved with new product launches, together with my marketing colleagues, and I get out and speak to customers on site. Plus I am in regular contact with associates in the factory about issues such as capacity, quality and availability."