Lighting chic

Europejski Hotel | Warsaw, PL

Interior lighting is an important part of the concept of the Europejski Hotel in Warsawa, fulfilling both a utility and an illumination function. Specialists from Zumtobel Group Lighting Polska were invited to create just that. Working closely with architects and investors, they created an ideal solution - confirming over 90 years of Zumtobel Group's experience, creating customized lighting projects that combine beauty and the latest solutions in the field of energy efficiency.

Most of the solutions provided by Zumtobel Group Polska were made specifically for this project. Thanks to the wide range of lighting solutions of the brands Zumtobel and acdc, it was possible to use adapted version of the standard luminaires as well as custom products that met a number of important requirements, e.g. specific color of light, aesthetically blending into the surroundings, as well as working with a specific control system. No less important was the lighting design, which will provide the highest comfort and a sense of relaxation for guests.

Zumtobel’s PANOS downlight series

In all rooms and corridors, Zumtobel’s PANOS downlight series was used (which is only 68 mm in diameter). The assumption was that the lighting should aesthetically blend into the ceiling. Therefore, the luminaires used in the rooms are kept in white and mounted in the "trimless" mounting system.

In the case of rooms with mirrored ceilings, special versions of fittings were made to match the color of the glass. They have warm color of light with a color temperature of 2500-2700 K, which was one of the basic requirements of the interior designers.

The second most commonly used type of lighting in the building are all lighting accents in LED technology. In kilometers, you can count the number of linear lighting systems used to highlight individual elements in rooms, places of art exhibition, and to emphasize architectural accents. The control system used allows guests to create various light scenes according to their preferences or mood. Modern LED technology worked great here because of the minimalism and discretion of assembly as well as efficiency. For the Ballroom, a dedicated solution was created from scratch. The luminaire had to harmoniously match the multi-level wooden suspended ceiling in which the special lighting openings were designed. The light emitted from the luminaires had to be homogeneous. Due to the various functions of the room, the solution had to allow for changing the light scenes and for adjusting the color of light from warm (2700 K) to cold (6500 K). Experts from the special products department at Zumtobel dealt with this task. They proposed a solution that would meet all the requirements of architects. Luminaires based on a dedicated light module allowing for full regulation of light color were used. At the same time, they ensure proper acoustic parameters, and the satin finish used allows you to avoid reflections.

Interplay with artistic chandeliers

In the exclusive zone of the bar and cigar club, as well as in the rooms adjacent to them, the basic requirement was to create an atmosphere of relaxation. A special lighting solution has been used to provide discreet lighting with an unusual, very warm, 2200K color, blending perfectly with the interior design.

In the entrance zone, the challenge was to highlight the light installations made by the Czech artist and the interplay with artistic chandeliers. This is where Zumtobel Group brand acdc came in.

Experts from Zumtobel are specialized in lighting museum objects. The portfolio includes such projects as the Chopin Museum in Żelazowa Wola or the Museum of Warsaw at the Old Market Square in Warsaw. With great commitment, therefore, they started designing lighting in Memory Rooms located on each floor of the hotel. In these places you can see historical artifacts and photos of the object itself. In this case, it was necessary to use rarely used fiber optic technology for the sake of exhibits. As an accent lighting, Zumtobel developed a modular exhibition lighting system called SUPERSYSTEM. It is worth paying attention to the glass cases standing in the lobby next to the entrance, which are also illuminated with this system. It consists of miniature low voltage busbars, in which you can attach projectors with a diameter of only 23 mm. These projectors have allowed for very precise lighting of objects, and also provide considerable opportunities to modify the luminous flux due to additional accessories. The SUPERSYSTEM lighting tool allows for simple adjustment of the light to possible changes in the exposure.

Europejski Hotel is one of the most complex lighting projects in Poland

The lighting solution at the Europejski Hotel is one of the most demanding and complex lighting projects in Poland. The choice of Zumtobel Group, the European leader in the lighting of culture and art as well as hotel facilities and wellness, was conducted by design experience and a wide range of dedicated fittings and flexibility in adapting and creating new lighting and control solutions.

It should be emphasized that the unusual effect of the interior lighting of the building is the result of close cooperation between WWAA architects, APA Wojciechowski and designers and technologists from Zumtobel Group Lighting Polska. Thanks to it, one of the most complex architectural, lighting and technological challenges is able to impress guests from the first sight and emphasize the feeling of exclusivity and comfort of space.