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Krone Spare Parts Logistics Centre, Herzlake | DE

Krone trucks travel all over the world, day in, day out. To make sure they stay on the road, Krone offers a wide range of spare parts, which can be delivered as quickly as possible to wherever they are needed.

CRAFT high-bay luminaires on TECTON rails supply the various zones, from the unloading areas to high-bay aisles, with the appropriate illuminance. © Zumtobel

With this in mind, a fully automatic warehouse management system has been developed in Herzlake, and equipped with a lighting solution by Sebastian Maue of Elektrotechnik Maue. The ground floor of the new building consists of a 100-metre-long hall with up to 12-metre-high shelves. The warehouse not only stores 16,500 Euro pallets of spare parts, but is also used for incoming and outgoing deliveries.

CRAFT high-bay luminaires on TECTON rails supply the various zones, from the unloading areas to high-bay aisles, with the appropriate illuminance. The second level offers space for small parts, which are stored in a total of 16 000 boxes. In order to ensure employees have optimum visibility, lighting solution partner Maue opted for the TECTON continuous-row luminaire here, too.

"As a lighting solutions partner, I get lots of ideas and suggestions for my own projects." (Sebastian Maue, Elektrotechnik Maue GmbH & Co KG, Lähden-Herßum, Germany).
© Zumtobel

The logistics centre covers a not inconsiderable area of 8,500 square metres. Did this extremely large project pose any unusual challenges?

Sebastian Maue: The most complex thing was the lighting solution for the hall on the ground floor. This is 100 metres long and is divided into several areas with different lighting requirements. In addition, the ceiling height sometimes varies considerably, as the second level was built in as a gallery. While the shipping area is only 6.4 metres high, the ceiling height in the high-bay warehouse area is more than 17 metres. The TECTON rails are mounted at a height of 14.5 metres. In order to achieve ideal levels of illuminance in the various areas, we have worked with different illuminance levels as well as wide-angle and narrow-angle optics.

In the shipping area, the CRAFT luminaires deliver 500 lux, evenly distributed with wide-angle optics. The illuminance in the aisles between the high-bay shelves is 300 lux. Thanks to the narrow-beam optics, even here, the light reaches the ground effortlessly.

The hustle and bustle of a logistics centre brings with it increased risks for the employees. How did you design the emergency escape lighting?

Sebastian Maue: In the high-bay warehouse, each aisle is designated as an escape route and must therefore be illuminated with 1 lux in an emergency. Since the integration of the RESCLITE safety luminaire into the TECTON rails is straightforward, we were able to meet these requirements quite easily.

In the office area, we also equipped the corridors with these small safety luminaires and supplemented them with CROSSIGN escape-sign luminaires. The emergency power supply is provided by the central supply system eBox. This means that it is no problem to bridge the minimum time of one hour, which is prescribed for very high shelving systems, for example.

Thanks to the TECTON luminaire with wide-beam optics the barcodes on the boxes are perfectly visible. © Zumtobel